Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Progress In Paulsboro!

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Location: West Broad Street, Paulsboro NJ

The place finally looks ready but still no signs of Sav-a-lot opening soon. According to an update from the Mayor last year, Sav-a-lot was planning to open in July but eight months later there's still nothing here. Nice to see pitched-roof ceiling remained intact! Now stripped of it's tiles which makes it look more Acme-like than when this place WAS an Acme.

To see renditions of how the shopping center will look once completed, click here. For additional Acme Style coverage of this location, please click here.

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  1. A couple things I forgot to mention in the email: The old Grant City is still standing. It is fenced off, although there are no signs of it coming down anytime soon. Additionally, the rest of the shopping center has been gutted out completely, and it appears they are actively in the process of fitting the spaces out. Perhaps they are waiting for the rest of the shopping center to catch up before they move along with the opening?

  2. Mayor Stevenson said that the Save-a-Lot would open by April 2017 but I feel that it needs more time.