Friday, March 10, 2017

Stop and Shop – Waldwick, New Jersey

Location: 19 Wyckoff Ave, Waldwick, NJ 

The Waldwick Stop&Shop... clocking in at a mere 22.000 square feet... closed on March 2nd.  According to reports, the company decided to close this location after a review of the store's performance. I suspect the age and size of the store were big factors in the decision. I have seen some comments online accusing the landlord for being at fault for the closing. I will say I was totally surprised at how busy the store was when I stopped by despite the low inventory levels and complete lack of a going-out-of-business sale.

This location was a former Grand Union that Stop and Shop acquired in 2001. Grand Union's late 90's remodel remains intact as does the wood paneling from the revolutionary 80's remodel.

All indications are the store was expanded into this section for the 80's remodel. Produce and the Bakery got crammed into the additional space.

Decent Bakery for such a small store. Still chock full of goods in the stores final days. The flooring and décor are from the late 90's remodel which was done at a fast and furious pace helping to sink Grand Union into debt it was never able to get out of. Still kicking myself for never photographing the interior of the Clifton Grand Union. The results were absolutely stunning right down to the old-fashioned styled register lights. You can check out a 90's remodeled Grand Union in East Rutherford by clicking here. Stop&Shop has since remodeled the store sending GU's beautiful murals and props straight to the trash.

Chef something or other is along the back of the section GU expanded in to.

Stop&Shop left this store pretty much as-is when it acquired it. New aisle signs and registers is about all this store got.

Bad attempt to zoom into the décor above the former prepared foods. I didn't get as many shots along the back as I would have liked. This place was crawling with employees with at least two looking at me with a "what's that guy up to" look on their faces.

Some aisles were more empty than others. Guess the remaining merchandise was going to be moved to other stores. There were a few end caps with discounted merchandise but that was it. I couldn't believe how many shoppers were strolling up and down the aisles like everything was normal here.

Another extreme close-up. Kept waiting for that manager to get off his phone and disappear. He never did.

Category signs by Stop and Shop.

Wood paneling from the 80's remodel still on most of the walls around the store.

Frozen was one of the most wiped-out departments in the store.

Looks as though Stop and Shop walled in this area here. It's missing GU's wood paneling and they added a S&S clock just around the corner...

Old school cart coral!





Looks as though the store hadn't expanded by this point. I believe Grand Union's remodels kicked in high-gear around 1988.





Map above shows the Stop&Shop in relation to the Allendale Acme, which will be coming to the blog soon.


  1. The store where I grew up!

    I remember when I was very little when the store did it's remodel when they expanded the produce area. Even though I was about five or six at the time I remember details vividly.

    The front had silver trim for the windows and awning, during the remodel the windows trim was painted black, the awning green, and the mansard roof added on top. Also the sidewalk was widened a bit (the curb used to be even with the columns) There used to be four storefronts to the left, GU took two of them for the expansion.

    During the second remodel (I think 1999) the entrance was rearranged, all new decor was put in and new cases/flooring.

    "Looks as though Stop and Shop walled in this area here. It's missing GU's wood paneling and they added a S&S clock just around the corner..."

    Yes it was. Customer Service was an open desk with an awning over it the last time I saw it

    Can't wait for the Allendale store! That was the store my babysitter frequented, and my young mind was blown away by the black and white decor that place used to have....

    1. Ah, yes, the first northeastern Futurestore (and probably one of the last to still have the decor, as it was there as recently as 2004 or whenever they started to remodel that store).

  2. The exterior reminds me of the former Secaucus Acme. The interior is a lot like the former Butler Stop & Shop.

  3. Yep, that takes me back alright. That's our old Clifton decor package to a T, but through several remodels in the 90s alone the wood paneling was taken down. I always wondered what happened to our signage.

  4. Was the store as claustrophobic as it looks in the pictures?