Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sailsbury Sign Swap!

Location: 751 S Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD

Pictures have come in of the signs going up at the Salisbury Acme. These photos are from a new Acme Style contributor who will be keeping us updated with photos and news as this store becomes an Acme. As I predicted, a d├ęcor swap IS happening to the interior.

Photo courtesy of Marv

Update 9.6.16: Sign at the road is now complete!


  1. Reopening this Friday! I am sure the Salisbury Giant shoppers will be pleased with Acme, though I am sure there will be a few instances where a favorite product will no longer be carried.

    But hopefully familiar faces will make the shopping experience better.

  2. You can see the store has Quality Built in this video...
    It looks really good!

    1. It does look good! Pictures will be going up on Monday!
      Hate to say it but the store director is wrong... former Salisbury Acme shoppers are NOT going to find the ACME Brand in this store. It doesn't exist anymore.

    2. Great ... I can't wait! About the Acme brand - I think she's actually talking about the name, Acme, on the store (to be clearer, the Acme banner) because there has been an Acme in Salisbury in the past. Not that it makes the situation any better!