Friday, September 2, 2016

Acme – Rehoboth, Delaware

Photos courtesy of Justin from the Lehigh Valley

Location: 18578 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Photo above courtesy of Marv

Pictures of the Rehoboth Acme, a former SuperFresh, came in from two different contributors over the past week. Both Justin and Marv gave the store rave reviews. The Quality Built décor arrived here about two months ago. 

This is the first time I've seen this O Organics signage in the windows. Acme is pushing their private label products more than ever before. It's interesting how grocers are transforming their own products from just being a cheaper alternative to national brands into a reason to shop at their stores specifically for these products. Acme has been heavily promoting their Signature Style ice cream and Italian sparkling water, among others. Signage, displays, extremely low sale prices and store announcements all helping to bring attention to Acme new private labels. 

"Beach" has lost its "a". Will it ever be replaced?

A shore mural greeting shoppers on their way in. Similar to the one at the Manasquan store.

Photo above courtesy of Marv

Acme kept A&P's lighting fixtures above the Floral Department. Some stores hang plants from these structures. It doesn't look like Floral got a new coat of paint. You can check out pictures of this store previous to the décor swap by clicking here.

A&P's flooring remains throughout.

Photo above courtesy of Marv

Photo above courtesy of Marv

Slim pickins of cakes which seems to be a problem with Acme lately. Interesting since their commercials often feature their cake selection. 

In many stores, Acme is installing black shelving for the seasonal aisles and the health food aisles.

Photo above courtesy of Marv

Major upgrades in the restrooms.

Now you see it...

Now you don't. It's too bad the logo is so easily scraped off the cart handles.





Photo above courtesy of Marv

Thanks to Justin and Marv sending in pictures of the Rehoboth Acme! 


  1. I tend to stop at this store every year on vacation to Rehoboth. Always a very nice store. The former SuperFresh Liquor store next door still has the fresh decor inside.

  2. I wonder if ACME might try to purchase that liquor store.

    1. Grocery stores can't operate liquor stores in Delaware. You can only buy beer/wine/liquor at liquor stores. This location must have been grandfathered in when Superfresh operated it.

      There are plenty of liquor stores in Delaware, and we get traffic from PA and MD because of no sales tax. There has been no push to sell alcohol in grocery stores or convenience stores that I am aware of.

    2. The store wasn't "grandfathered."

      The law in Delaware says that any retailer that wants to sell alcohol can, but the store cannot be attached to a grocery store.

      Since this "Superfresh Wine & Spirits" had it's own entrance and was not connected to the main store on the inside, it was perfectly legal.

      BJ's Wholesale Club & Costco also have liquor stores with separate entrances in Delaware. I visit both often.

    3. Thanks for the correction. I was aware that BJs in New Castle sold alcohol, but I figured it was some special arrangement.

      If anyone can sell alcohol, I wonder why more stores haven't gotten into the business. Though we do have plenty of liquor stores, including a gigantic Total Wine that swallowed up the old Northtowne Acme when they remodeled.

    4. My guess is that it's so competitive in Delaware, the big chains have been reluctant.

      I think Giant-Landover in Middletown DE might sell beer. Does anyone here know?

  3. Acme Style, I'd recommend that you fix your link to the store before the remodel. You accidentally put "here" in the hyperlink itself, leading to a page that says "Please Update Your Navigation", instead of Flickr. It almost gave me a heart attack, LOL.