Friday, September 9, 2016

Grand Reopening of Pike Creek Acme!

Acme Markets Wilmington DE - Pike Creek
Location: 4720 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE

* New customer rest rooms
* Expanded fresh produce department
* New Bakery with increased selections
* New Deli department with additional fresh prepared offerings
* Larger Floral Department with signature items
* New and efficient customer service area
* New hot food bar with additional selections
* Updated salad and soup bars with increased varieties
* New healthy in store cut fruit and vegetable display
* New service meat and seafood department offering fresh and frozen seafood by the pound
* Seafood steamers to prepare your fresh fish selections while you shop

The following pictures are from the Pike Creek Acme's yelp page...

Deluxe remodel here! The store previously had the first, deluxe round of the Premium Fresh and Healthy package. The store now has the Quality Built décor and had its grand reopening last Friday. The exterior of the store didn't get any much needed love. It still has the same look seen in the first photo of this post.

I believe the faux hardwood floors are brand new.

Corner Deli is cream here instead of blue.

The store may have been significantly reconfigured during this remodel. People are complaining online that the aisles are much more narrow.

Some "before" photos...

Jenkintown is the only other store I've seen that with this curved ceiling above the front-end. You can check it out here.

Thanks Sarah L and others for posting these great photos on yelp!


  1. So beautiful inside yet so UGLY and OUTDATED on the outside. It must do phenominal business for them to spend $$$$ on the inside remodel not to care about the exterior. But if I was new to the area, I would think it was dumpy inside by the exterior alone. But never judge a book by its cover.

    1. It's in a shopping center, so it might be up to the landlords as to when/if the outside is redone. If Kmart eventually closes they'll be more likely to do a repaint on the rest of the center, since they'll want to attract a new tenant to replace it.

  2. I assume the décor swap must have been done a while ago, judging by the earlier version of the oval logo and the squished "ACME" in the deli sign. The layout changes probably happened more recently and are what warranted the "grand re-opening". Some of the A&P conversions are being staggered like this so it wouldn't surprise me.

    That aside, I agree that the outside could really use some TLC. I would have definitely assumed this was a dated store if I hadn't gone in.

  3. The exterior of the shopping center already was repainted a few years back. Used to be dark brown (or black).