Sunday, October 25, 2015

Store Count...

The following Acme locations have opened:

The World's First A&P Fresh at 123 E Main St, Denville, NJ
A&P Fresh at 1060 Raritan Rd, Clark, NJ
A&P Fresh at 100 Triangle Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
Centennial A&P at: 100 Route 22, Goldens Bridge, NY


  1. When will the New Providence store reopen as an ACME?

  2. I just went through the openings posts: So far the only Pennsylvania store to open has been 2nd and Girard! Now that the NY and CT stores are all opened up, it seems they are moving on to NJ, so I figure it will be a while before anything relatively close to me happens.

    1. CT yes, NY no. I know they haven't done the "outlying" NY stores (like Pleasant Valley and Hopewell Jct, though it was thought those were being done this week). Also it seems that most of the stores have been A&P locations ( I think I see one Superfresh, one Food Emporium and 3 or so Pathmark out of the about 30 announced so far) and I believe most of the PA locations are either Superfresh or Pathmark?

      Also it seems the majority of the stores so far have been newer (not all, but most) so perhaps they picked those in order to get a lot done quickly (as these locations would need less work), leaving the older locations for later?

    2. I'd already posted in one of the other days threads that the possibility is that they want to get Acme (re-)established in new markets first and leave places like PA and DE for last as they already have a presence there and it's not as high of a priority to get those locations reopened as quick as possible.

    3. The Food Emporium store was old, having last been remodeled in 1990. I want to see it, as it will probably be one of the first when Acme starts remodeling them. If I recall correctly, the acquired Dominick's were remodeled by year end.

  3. Many of us have wondered what will happen to all the grandfathered liquor licenses that A&P owned. This article treats this subject.

  4. Here's an article from the NJ Herald about conversions in the Sussex/Morris/Warren area: