Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Store Count...

The following Acmes have opened: 

Pathmark at 80 New Bridge Road, Bergenfield, NJ
A&P Fresh (sans liquor dept) at 136 Lake Avenue, Midland Park, NJ
A&P Fresh at 2160 Lemon Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ
Pathmark at 58 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ

Please note: This announcement was published on the 15th but was post-dated to the 14th since that is the day the stores opened.


  1. The Bergenfield Pathmark was pretty nice. Had the "Go Fresh! Go Local!" decor, and the service was very good.

  2. Acme website is listing at least 12 stores in northern NJ that have reopened. Just do a zip code search. I used 07011 since that was one of my old zip codes.

    I wonder how Allendale looks with that future store look and an Acme sprucing up. And what they'll do with the old liquor store - it'd be easy to rent it out to someone else since it isn't part of the main floor plan of the store.

    Looks like you've got your work cut out for you since Acme has about a month to get all the stores reopened.

    No changes here in Delaware yet.

    1. As I've said, if they don't update their blog in a timely manner there really isn't a way for me to keep an accurate count here.

    2. Allendale no longer has the future store look as it became a fresh store and expanded into the large liquor store they had next door.The liquor moved into a corner of the store like the setup they had in Midland Park.

      I was in both Allendale and MP and the liquor departments have been replaced with food. Self checkouts are gone in Allendale (MP never had them) and the Starbucks remains. In MP the only drastic change is that they added florescent lighting to the produce department as that area was always on the dark side.

      Woodcliff Lake and Park Ridge are also open and I am going to try and check them out this weekend.

    3. Thanks for the correction. I haven't been in that store in forever. I just remember there being a ramp between the main store and the liquor store. I wasn't sure they were able to incorporate the two together, but they did.

      I wonder if Acme made the decision to not try and get the liquor licenses transferred, or if the state decided that even though they were grandfathered to A&P, they would not be able to be transferred to Acme. I'm sure the liquor stores are happy about this.

      When did Midland Park put the liquor inside of the store? When the original store was open, the liquor store was next door. When they moved to the new store, it stayed there. Then I moved away.

  3. Yes, when Allendale was remodeled, it was a long process that took several months. I remember having to walk through a wooden tunnel when the glass in front was removed as they kept the store open during the construction. They were able to raise the floor of the old liquor store to match the rest of the store and today that area houses frozen, dairy and Pharmacy as the store has about 13 aisles give or take.

    The Midland Park liquor store moved from its old location on Godwin Ave (next to the old store which is now Sears Hardware) into the Lake Ave location around 2005 when the store took on the fresh format. I remember some not being too happy about the move since the old location was larger then the space they had inside the Lake Ave store which meant a more limited selection.