Monday, June 1, 2015

Coming Soon to Acme Style...

Beach Haven!

The brand-new store in Beach Haven has been fully photographed and will be arriving on the blog on Friday, June 5th. I'll just tell you now... it is an absolutely beautiful store! Another remodeled Jersey Shore store will be going up on the blog tomorrow. And even MORE remodeled stores are coming next week! Summer is getting exciting at Acme Style! 

300,000 Visitors! 

Acme Style is rapidly approaching another visitor milestone. Just a few more thousand Acme fans need to check in for the blog to hit 300,000 visitors. (For those keeping score, the blog is also fast approaching 1 MILLION page views!) So what's in store to celebrate the coming milestone? Well, you'll just have to keep checking back to find out. The surprise post is all set to go and contains exterior and interior pictures of an Acme that no longer exists. The store is currently represented on the blog but the post is extremely limited. I never imagined we would get a look at this store while it was still open, let alone the extensive tour of the interior! For now, I'll leave you with a little teaser of what's to come in the surprise post...


  1. I can't wait to see the surprise post! I love seeing photos of now-closed stores when they were still open.

  2. Three Words:
    Egg Harbor City

  3. 299, 776 visits at 1:45am Wednesday June 24, 2015!
    Really close to busting that 300, 000 mark!

    1. Yes, getting very close! There is a chance the turnover will happen overnight tonight, so the post would be going up first thing in the morning.

    2. looks like we're getting just over 100 per day, so tomorrow will be the lucky day! (299,902 at time of writing)