Friday, January 16, 2015

Progress in Beach Haven!

 Location: 9600 Long Beach Boulevard, Beach Haven, NJ

A few pictures have been sent in of the construction of Beach Haven's brand-new Acme. Things seem to be moving along but it does look like a lot more needs to happen for a "Spring" opening. I'm sure heaven and earth will be moved to have this place ready for Memorial Day weekend at the very latest.

I'm not entirely sure where the new store sits on the property. Waiting to hear back from the person who sent these in to confirm.

It will be interesting to see what kind of measures are being taken to protect the new store from future flooding. The old store suffered major damage back in 2012 from Superstorm Sandy.  You can view photos of the wreckage by clicking here.

Below is a photo of the store store back in September just as demolition began...

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  1. Track record for Albertsons LLC post-Albertsons has been very plain stores, but I hope with the opening of this Acme they come out with something new, something that will be a prototype for other stores in the expanded Albertsons/Safeway chain. Would be nice to see a fancier "Quality Built" design not built off the scraps of older Albertsons decor.