Friday, January 16, 2015

Former Acme – New Britain, Pennsylvania

Photo courtesy of JoshAustin610's flickr photostream

Location: 505 West Butler Avenue Chalfont, PA

Opened in 1998 and closed November 13, 2014. New Britain joined Warminster in the round of closing this past Fall. Regretfully, I did not make it to either store before they were closed. The photo above is from Josh's flickr collection for now and the awesome interior photos below were sent in by from a helpful volunteer.

Update 1.31.15: It's been reported in the comments section that the store opened October 3,1997.

The photos you are about to see were taken at the end of the store's very last day. There is not a scrap of merchandise to be seen anywhere. The Acme letters were promptly removed from the lobby. Possibly taken as a souvenir by an employee.

Built with the Red/White/Blue decor package and finished out with the basic Albertsons Marketplace decor.

Judging from these pictures, the store was in very nice shape.

The aisle markers were never upgraded to the Premium Fresh and Health signs.

A look behind the Deli and Seafood counters.

We don't often get a view of the back room on the blog!

Acme Style is going UP for the first time ever...

Awesome views of the sales floor from the second floor windows...

Break room completely vacated.

A spectacular panoramic view! Be sure to click on this one to make it larger.


Acme in the lower right hand corner, with Giant (formally Geunardis) in the upper left hand corner.






Zoomed out to show the Genuardis was built years prior to the Acme.


  1. At the bottom it says as a label:
    NJ: New Britian

    It's not in New Jersey!

    1. Obviously since the post title says "Pennsylvania" but thanks for pointing out the label error. Was there anything you liked about the post?

    2. Loved the post! Such a shame to see two good stores go, but I am very very happy for Beach Haven. Found something out... The Doylestown, PA store may have been an original PF&H remodel, in 2004 it shows the store with the awnings already on.

    3. I'm confused... what shows the store with the awnings already on? What do you mean by "original PF&H remodel"? I'm almost positive the PF&H package didn’t exist until 2006. It was originally developed for Albertsons after SuperValu purchased the company.

    4. You know.. the PF&H awnings. Maybe the store had them on originally to start with?

  2. For what it's worth, I have no idea what the commenter is referring to, either.

  3. Actually the store opened on October 3, 1997. I worked there from it's opening until April 2011. Such a great store to work at. Shameful it closed down.