Friday, October 18, 2013

News Break:

Jewel-Osco Acquires MORE Stores!

New Alberstons, Inc. has purchased four Dominick's stores in the Chicago area and will convert them to the Jewel-Osco banner in the coming months. Dominick's was a family run chain purchased by Safeway back in 1998 and essentially destroyed just like Philadelphia based Genuardi's, which Safeway picked up in 2000. All 72 Dominick's stores are closing. Wikipedia has an interesting write-up on the chain which is well worth the read. "Dominick's was one of the first to experiment with exposed ceiling sales areas, exposed structural elements such as piping and HVAC ducts, large scale state of the art telephone systems and POS systems, video departments, one hour photo, bulk foods, and many other 'new' 1980s concepts." Jump over to Dominick's Wikipedia page to read more by clicking here. You can read more about the Jewel deal over at NBC Chicago by clicking here. The article lists the exact address of each store that Jewel is acquiring. Thanks to Geno for sharing this news on the Runnemede post from last Friday.


  1. Here's more Safeway/Genuardi's news:

    It's surprising Safeway didn't move this Genuardi's to the former Kmart site when they had the chance, but even more surprising Giant bothered to buy this store from Genuardi's. Yes, over a year has now passed since they did, but even if you don't spend much money to remodel a store, why go to all the trouble to replace every sign in the store if you plan on replacing it after less than a year and a half?

    I get the feeling CVS now has the green light to move to the former Acme site in Parkesburg, now that they bought the independent Longenecker Pharmacy at the other end of the shopping center. The Acme there closed in 2003, the same year as the Kmart in Flourtown closed, and the same year as the Thriftway in Coatesville (now a Bottom Dollar) down the street from Parkesburg closed.

  2. The PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) wholesale liquor store in Broomall PA opened in 1964 with "exposed ceiling sales areas", but it wasn't until AT LEAST 40 years later that the regular PLCB Wine & Spirits stores started using this design...