Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Abandoned Acme — Stevensville, MD

Photos courtesy of Andy B.

Location: 1169 Shopping Center Road, Stevensville MD

Some great pictures of the abandoned Stevensville Acme. The store has yet to be cleared out despite having been closed since November 2012. It was among 4 stores shuttered by SuperValu at that time. The others included GlassboroMorrisville and Sharon Hill. You can jump over to the original Stevensville post by clicking here

Plenty of lights left on inside give us a good look around. One of the register monitors is sill on too with an Essential Everyday ad. Another curved ceiling to be seen! Up above Customer Service. This store had the 33M format until the end with a few a differences. Produce was in an alcove in the front corner with Dairy running down aisle 1. Frozen Food cases lined the very last aisle. Jersey City had a nearly identical layout. This store was built in 1979 replacing a 50's model that I believe was in the same location. Historic aerial images are unfortunately not available for this area.

The Centerville Acme, along with its unusual decor, has been featured on the blog. You can check it out by clicking here. The Easton Acme has yet to be featured in the blog.


  1. Well, I know it usually doesn't work, but this is a PRIME location and Albertson's would do very well by giving this store the "works" and re-open A.S.A.P.
    Compete with the Lion and win, win, win...
    I wonder why they didn't mention St. Michaels as another local Acme to patronize?

  2. Hi, St Mikes is like 60 miles away and you would have to drive past Easton to get there. The original Acme is the Hardware store in the center. Acme is kicking around plans to reopen this store or find another empty one On the Island.. Thanks Gerry

  3. I was going to say, it's pretty odd that they would leave all that equipment in the store, even after a year (unless they are trying to sell it as a package to another grocer). Even so, I would think they would have removed the register systems right away. Maybe this store was just borderline on the profits side of things.

  4. Hi, when they closed this store it was and Super Valu decision. Albertsons told us that they would not have done it. Lets face it Safeway has a nice store and Foodlion is the other Player on the island. Oviously, If Albertsons chooses to compete with these two Pugs They could. and at limited dollars. Super G still has the option on a spot directly behind the store.Perhaps that is the problem

    1. I would imagine there are a few other locations Albertsons wouldn't have shut down... Cinnaminson, Glassboro, perhaps Morrisville and even Collegeville.