Friday, October 25, 2013

Acme Style to return next Friday...

Due to the demands of my day job, I wasn't able to get a post done for today. The next new post will go up a week from today. 


  1. UPDATE! Albertsons Opens A savon only store in a hospital in texas

  2. Considering ShopRite just bought The Fresh Grocer chain in West Philadelphia a few months ago, perhaps ShopRite also will buy Dominick's? I wonder because ShopRite fairly recently entered Baltimore for the first time by buying a number of former Super Fresh stores there.

  3. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Shoprite would only purchase stores within the vicinity of existing ones.

  4. A few of the ShopRite stores have been built from the ground up (by the Klein family who owns the stores in neighboring Harford County). I have heard that the first two ShopRites in the Baltimore area (White Oak, and Timonium, I believe) have been struggling.

    Dominick's is too far away from ShopRite's core markets and would be difficult to manage, in my opinion. ShopRite is a regional player, not a national one.

    I could see Kroger making a play for Dominick's, or the chain going private (like Tops did, leaving the Ahold family). Some locations (less profitable/losing money) will close or be sold off.

    Also, ShopRite didn't buy Fresh Grocer. They simply signed a deal to supply the stores with product. Wakefern is a cooperative that is partially owned by all the individual ShopRite owners (who may themselves run just one, two, or even up to twenty some stores), and supplies all the stores. There have been corporate owned (and may still be some) stores, but they prefer them to be owned by their members.

  5. Just a couple points to the above:

    ShopRite does still own stores (they are labelled on the site as SRS - ShopRiteStores, which is a corporate subsidiary. Most of the stores in NY outside the immediate NYC area are in this group, including the 4 recently opened in the Albany area.

    Also - a couple summers back, I saw some of their store branded items in one of the smaller stores in the Cleveland area (I think it was Heinen's) - so they are at least having to get products that far west as a supplier. Perhaps, if as suggested above the company were to go private it would be possible for ShopRite to be a supplier (they also had, or provided merchandise for, a couple Price Rite stores out in the west for a time, though those have now closed).