Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Classic Picture of American Stores Co. —
Media, PA

Photo provided by Greg P.

Greg shares another classic photo he's found. We had a look at his picture of an old Acme in Wilmington Delaware back in June. He shares the following details of this old store in Media Pennsylvania...

Another one I've come across, a badly damaged photograph showing the interior of the Media, PA American Stores Co. market (pre-Acme!) located at State & Plum streets in Media. According to the writing on the back of the picture, it was store No. 1400, and the picture was taken February 19, 1932. You can see Louella Butter and other brands advertised on the back wall. Plum St. no longer intersects with State St.; it has been replaced with a pedestrian walkway on the north side and a building on the south. Deals Variety Store is located at that intersection, and still has historic interior details such as the tin ceiling, though I don't believe it quite matches the ceiling shown here. Still, the exterior of Deals does look like one of the old American Stores so I wonder if it could have been it? 

Deals Variety 5 & 10 Store Media PA
Photo from Beth Lennon's photostream on flickr


  1. I have been to the Deal's store several times before and it never occurred to me that this was a former ACME

  2. Not sure that this was ever an Acme or not. It was once a Woolworth's. Just a few blocks west on State Street there was an Acme at the site that is now Mielcarek Eye Care. I think it closed in the early 70's.

    1. The American Stores Company store could have closed in the 1950's and replaced by F. w. Woolworth

  3. There was once another nearby Acme that is not listed on the site. It was on Morton Avenue, in Morton, PA. It, too, closed sometime in the early 70's. The building stands. I believe that it is now being retro fitted as a kick boxing place.