Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Former Jersey Shore Acme, Red Bank NJ

Classic images courtesy of Patrick Richardson

Location: 303 Broad Street, Red Bank NJ

The Acmes of Red Bank and West Long Branch no longer exist. Fair Haven is still going strong and can be visited by clicking here. (Sale prices no longer effective.) 

Today the Red Bank Acme is a Wells Fargo Bank. 

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Update 08.02.11: The other former Acme in Red Bank, which is listed in the ad above, now a Bank of America. Located 3 blocks south of the 303 Broad Street location. Opened in June 1957 and may have been a replacement store to the other location which lacked parking.

Location: 170 Broad Street, Red Bank NJ

This may have been an abandoned bank until Bank of America moved in recently.

The historical aerial from 1957 shows the extended wall in the front corner was original to the Acme.


  1. I love the picture of the Red Bank store, taken sometime around 1948. This quaint store survived until 1957, which is hard to believe!The sign had evolved from the 1937 original, with the cursive signature and "Super" in the blue circle, but it was still just a sign attached to the building, like the old American Stores Co. sign. In fact, I know that some of the larger Asco service stores became self service Acme's, and this could have been one of them. By 1947, new stores had the ivory metal front, so this is really an oldie!

    In 1960, the ad says that the Red Bank location was at 170 Broad Street. That store opened in June 1957, and closed eight years later in Sept 1965. It didn't last too long! I wonder what's in there now?

    The West Long Branch store was a classic
    Nov 1959 store with the flat roof and a 3-sided ACME sign high above Rt. 36 and Broadway.
    I'm not sure when West Long Branch closed, but I think that it was still there for quite awhile!

  2. Good eye Bill! I didn't notice the address in the ad was different from the store in the photo. I'll check out that location before the summer is over.

    Where was the West Long Branch store located exactly? Looks like it was where the Vantage Point office building is now located.

  3. That office building still has the second floor breakroom section, like Lincroft.

    In the 1979 aerial, you can see the big sign.

  4. Thanks Andrew. The historical aerials definitely confirm the location of the Acme being right where that office building is now. From the current satellite images it looks as though the Acme was completely torn down and replaced with the new building in the exact same spot.

  5. Doesn't the bing birds eye look like the building still has the part that sticks up in the back where the break rooms were?

    Might the office building actually be the acme building?

  6. It does but I think that's an optical illusion. If you rotate to other views it doesn't look like the roof is higher in the back. Plus, look at the 1979 image of the Acme... the entire roof is flat. The Acme I worked in had a second floor but did not have a raised roof in that part of the store. The office building is a 2 story building throughout. Acme's building wouldn't have been tall enough to covert to 2 stories.

  7. Great detection by Bill Haines with the address of the replacement Acme on the advertisement! Did the Bank of America sign now, which sticks up in the lower right corner of the building, used to be an Acme sign? It may have been based upon the shadow seen in the 1957 historic aerial.