Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Essential Everyday has arrived!

Back on May 1, I shared news that SuperValu is preparing to do away with all of it's store branded products in favor of one product line for all banners. The original post, included below, mentions the success of Publix's relaunch of it's own store branded products. Images of Essential Everyday have become available and the products are making their way onto Acme shelves as we speak. The first link below gives you a look at the new packaging. The second link has some examples of Publix's packaging. The similiarites are... well, I'll let you decide for yourself:

Essential Everyday
Examples of Publix branded products

Post from May 1:
R.I.P. ACME Brand

The day has come... SuperValu has announced it will be eliminating Acme brand. Well, what's left of it anyway. Rumors of this plan have been floating around for a while now and SuperValu made it official yesterday. All store brands within each banner will be retired in favor of the company's new "Essential Everyday" branded products. This will allow the company huge savings from not having to produce banner specific packaging and marketing strategies. It is quite possible that it could lead to further erosion of store loyalty among customers. If SuperValu is smart they'll follow Publix's lead of creating high quality products in stylish packaging that compete with the brand pricing of Walmart's Great Value brand. Publix has one of the most successful private label brands in the country. A Google image search revealed no previews for the Essential Everyday product line. I'll post links as they become available. You can read more about the news at


  1. Kind of a weird coincidence that Giant of PA just changed their private label products as well to match with their sister stores. I do actually like the new Essential Everyday packaging, kind of a stupid name but at least the design is attractive.

  2. I like Giant's approach more, its just the wedges logo, so it can still be referred to as the Giant brand and such, it makes sense I guess, considering the old packaging was mostly the same between stores, just the logo would be different between stop & shop and giant.

    Also onto ACME, yea at least the design is good looking (I also like the new giant brand look as well) so thats always good, but yea R.I.P. the ACME Brand, and its interesting they are starting with cereal and pasta, I wold think dairy and bread would be the fastest to change.

  3. I wonder if bread and things like that will still keep the Acme name. Genuardi's still has its own name on loaves of bread and some rolls, despite everything else being under the Safeway brand.

  4. The trend to cool and crisp private label packaging started 4 years ago with A&P, Kroger and Safeway. Recently Aldi, Walmart, Food Lion, Publix, Giant PA and Giant/StopnShop all revamped and redesigned their store brand offerings and now SuperValu has followed the trend. Except for Aldi and Walmart, most of the chains established a three-tier private label lineup. It seems that SuperValu will be maintaining a two-tier approach while keeping the various distinct brands familiar to customers at Save-a-lot in place.

  5. True, but Publix was the company that kicked off that trend for the most part. Their packaging remains the most unique and, in my opinion, the best designed. Target was accused of copying Publix when they redesigned their store brand under the "Up and Up" name. Also worth mentioning about Publix, they continue to have their store name on the packaging while most of these other companies are choosing generic names so the products can be carried by different banners. A&P's "Americas Choice" has replaced Pathmark's own branded products. My question is... will "Essential Everyday" wind up in Redner's Warehouse Markets?

  6. A&P has had the America's Choice brand as far back as the early 1990's. Also, It looks like SuperValu is keeping the "Flavorite" and "Richfood" brands for the stores that are supplied by SuperValu, as well as the Hornbacher's division