Monday, July 25, 2011

Former Jersey Shore Acme – Ortley Beach, NJ

Location: 5 Ortley Plaza, Seaside Heights NJ

The Acme of Seaside Heights once stood in the very spot where the A&P is now located. Closing date is unknown. According to the historic aerial images, the store appears to have been abandoned as of 1986. The building to the right of the A&P "future store" looks to have been a grocery store as well, possibly the original A&P. The two stores may have coexisted for a time. 

Acme sign still standing but is now capped off with "A&P".

Heading back in time to visit the Acme...



Acme, to the left, looks closed and abandoned as of 1986. Check out the shadow of the street sign in the lower left corner... seems that the A&P sign may be on top at this point in time.

Both stores open in 1972. Nearly identical in size.

Acme was the first on the site. Lack of parking may have been it's downfall. The Acme opened June 17, 1959.



  1. Acme Style, you are correct -- the store to the right of the Acme was indeed the earlier A&P on this corner.

  2. The Ortley Beach Acme was a replacement store for the metal front store in downtown Seaside Heights. It opened in 1959, exactly one year after the Beach Haven store opened, and was an exact twin to Beach Haven. And the Beach Haven Acme was a replacement for the metal front store in downtown Beach Haven at Bay & Coral, which is still open as an independent supermarket today!

  3. After this years jersey shore tour, you must check out the phoenixville ACME, it has industrial circus decor, and the 80's floor!!!

  4. "Lack of parking may have been it's downfall." Haha! Seriously... what were they thinking? I've been to large malls that don't have parking rows that long.

  5. That's very interesting. I didn't know that, but it makes a lot of sense that they would have moved from a downtown location to a larger one slightly outside with more parking as the automobile started dominating our shopping habits. I have heard that there used to be an Acme in Downtown Toms River, and it moved to where Carter's Baby Clothes is now around the same time.

  6. As of 11/4/2015, this store is a Acme Markets

  7. acme in jersey shore is back!!!