Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be Anonymous no more!

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...

"Anonymous" commenting at Acme Style is outta control. It's particularly frustrating because it makes having conversations with people in the commenting sections very difficult. Some regular participants of the blog have requested that I stop allowing anonymous comments. I've held off doing this since I'm quite sure we would see a huge reduction in comments. I'm aware that some people have had trouble doing this or weren't quite sure how to do it. To hopefully remedy the situation, I am putting up instructions on how to leave a comment with a screen name of your choice. When you enter a screen name for the next comment you leave, it will be saved on the blog for future use. Here are the 4 easy steps... 

1. Click on the "Select Profile" pulldown menu.

2. When menu pops open, choose "Name/URL"

3. Enter the screen name of your choice. Leave the URL box blank. Click "Continue".

4. Type your comment and press "Post Comment". Your screen name will be saved in the pulldown menu for future use. 


  1. Hopefully this will help prevent negative posts which happens here. They get old quick.

  2. testing... It works!!!!

  3. This is a good first step.

  4. THank you!!! now I can know who comments!

  5. Hello! I was just testing this measure.
    (It's AcmeLover by the way)