Friday, September 24, 2010

Rolling out updates to former posts. Some more interesting than others but I've listed them all here so no one misses out on the latest developments of their favorite Acme locations. Going forward I will do group updates like this one every couple of months to keep everyone in the loop.

In other news... from here on out, the "Big Post of the Week" will debut on Friday mornings. Other posts may go up during the week such as News Breaks or Memorabilia posts, but the big one will arrive fresh on Friday mornings!

And now to the updates...

Abandoned Acme-New Providence
The much delayed A&P Fresh... which rose from the rubble of the old Acme... opens today! Check out a picture and article here. For the original post, click here.

Jersey Shore Acme-Tukerton
Check out this really cool web page that shows the former Acmes of Tukerton. A former 50's store is just down the road from the present day Acme. 

Jersey Shore Acme-Beach Haven
Some new pictures sent in by Michael Lisicky. A couple up-close shots showing some interesting detail. The pictures have been added to the bottom of the Beach Haven post.

Abandoned Acme-West Chester PA
Acme has fianlly left the building. It is now boarded up and available for rent. Check it out here. For the original post, click here.

Abandoned Acme-Quakertown PA
Acme has FINALLY left the building... Part 2. No pictures to show but a commenter has left word that Acme no longer holds the lease. Walmart will be expanding... but not into the old Acme space. More details at the end of the Quakertown post.

Lawrenceville Acme's "M" on fire!
Check out this crazy picture of the M on fire. It doesn't look real! For new pictures of the "M" getting replaced, click here.

Abandoned Acme-Clementon NJ
You wanna go in the old Grants store? How about up on the roof? Click here to see it all!

Former Jersey City Acme-Now a Fine Fare!
Fine Fare opened in the old Jersey City Acme way back in February just a couple of weeks after Acme closed. Pictures of the new store are now included at the bottom of the Jersey City posts.


  1. I heard a TJMAXX is going into the new Acme. A whole lot better then a food store.

  2. A TJMaxx would be great I have lived in Quakertown for 8 years and maybe went to the old Acme about 3 times it was way to pricey. A TJMaxx thats a store I would go to.