Friday, September 3, 2010

It's summer and Acme Style is off to the Jersey Shore! We will be checking out stores all along the Jersey coast for the next month or two. Some stores practically on the water and some a little further inland. The one thing all Jersey Shore Acmes have in common... whether big or small, new or old... sales are slow in the winter and HUGE in the summer. A couple of Jersey Shore stores have already appeared on Acme Style but we will be revisiting those as well. I'm not much of an expert on the Jersey Shore Acme scene so many of these stores will be presented mostly in picture form with much less history and commentary. Hopefully all you readers out there will offer your comments and insight on each blog entry so we can all get a better sense of the history of these stores. Enjoy the tour!

UPDATES! Be sure to check for updates in posts that are already up. I'll be adding updates when I get emails or comments with interesting information about these stores.

UPDATE 8.21.10:


Two weeks to go. Three stores to go. Then summer is over and so is our tour. We didn't get to every Jersey Shore store this time around but there's always next year. We did, however, get to... or will get to... all the classics. Be sure to keep your eye out for the grand finale which will go up just before Labor Day weekend.


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  1. Interesting blog that I just happened to stumble upon. Check out Google Street View for 2501 Putty Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234. What is now the Tall Cedars of Lebanon hall seems to be a candidate for your site.

  2. Thanks! If you put that address in on Bing Maps, choose the "Bird's eye view" and rotate to the front... the old fish-eye logo sign is still on the store! Looks like part of it was painted over.

  3. they may as well just close every acme as long as super-evil (valu) owns acme. all they worry about now is if your shirt is tucked in or if you are wearing your white shirt. they like to pick on certain people though; some can get away with murder practically. nice new managers come in, seem nice then go by the book. this company is AWFUL. i would never reccomend this place for anyone to work at. anyone here just stays here because there isn't anything else left...i guess welcome to corporate america. i feel bad for high school graduates now, there's your diploma, now go and find a job. i tell people when i see them applying at the kiosks not to waste their time.

  4. Hello. Speaking of Baltimore. The old Acme Distribution Center # 6 is only minutes away from Putty Hill, MD.
    Go to and enter the address 2206 Riggs Ave.that is a private home across from Acme and go to Birds eye and you can see the Acme smoke stack STILL intact!!!! That was a pretty good sized warehouse for being in the middle of the city.
    Have a cool day.


  5. This one used to be an IGA supermarket the last I remember, but it was clearly former an Acme. Keyser, WV.

  6. ACME..was a great store at one time #1 but they blow it ,phila area just wants what we alway,s had fair price,fast lines, the way i like this site and worked in some of the SJ stores and their just like i remember but full of life.i think them days are gone :(

  7. I can't speak for Acme stores in the NJ suburbs of Philadelphia but I imagine the shore stores are doing quite well, if for no other reason than they being the only option in many shore resort towns. The Wildwood and Ocean City locations are one of two grocery stores on their respective islands and I'm pretty sure Acme is the only store in Sea Isle City and on Long Beach Island (although I could be wrong). The Cape May area is littered with Acme locations- on in the Victorian section, one in North Cape May and two more in Cape May Court House- one of which (along with one in Seaville/Ocean View) serves Stone Harbor and Avalon.