Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Signature brands get simplified...


Time for another update on the evolution of Albertsons'/former Safeway brands. (A new store post will be coming this Friday.) Part 3 reveals the demise of Bright Green, which I figured was coming when the Open Nature brand was extended to non-food products. So far, glass cleaner and toilet paper were to only two items I could find in household. Most Bright Green items are currently on sale to help move the old packaging off shelves.

Albertsons is planning to introduce 240 new Open Nature products this year. You can read more about the growing private label at progressivegrocer.com.

More evidence that the Signature Home branding is on its way out as well. Food storage bags are currently being changed over to Signature Select.

The Signature Cafe logo has been updated to resemble a tag on the package similar to the Signature Select logo.

Bread is now trading Signature Kitchens for the new Signature Select branding.

Signature Select ice cream is slowly being switched over to all new packaging. This is one product line that might not be changing for the better. The swirling candy and nut pieces on the older containers is definitely eye catching! The new design bowers heavily rom Breyers by going with black packaging.

Great new packaging for pasta! Albertsons has even gone a step further by having their pasta certified non-GMO.

And finally... Seltzer water officially looses the refreshe branding! Have to say, adding fruit images to the label will certainly help with choosing the correct variety. I have often grabbed the lime flavor thinking it was plain. While I like the abstract design of the "before" bottles, it's not very practical for a fast moving shopper.


  1. I think the Bright Green to Open Nature change makes a lot of sense. This is consistent with the Kroger family of stores, which uses "Simple Truth" for all of its "natural" products, While Foods, and Sprouts. That said, I am not sure we will see "Seventh Generation Veggie Burritos" or "Celestial Cleanings All-Natural Dish Soap" any time soon. Additionally, the new Open Nature packaging conveys more of a "back-to-nature" feeling than the old one did.

  2. I buy a lot of pasta, and I have to say the new designs are the absolute best I've ever seen!

  3. I would assume the refreshe name will once again be used soley for bottled water