Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Collegeville Acme now a KImberton Foods!

Photos courtesy of

Location: 222 Main Street, Collecgville PA

The long abandoned Collegeville Acme has finally returned to life as a Kimberton Whole Foods store. The photos above from the company's website show some great views of the renovated space. This is Kimberton's largest store to date. You can read more details about the store by clicking here.

The photo above is from Acme Style's coverage of the abandoned Collegeville store which you can visit here. The left side of the Acme is apparently still empty and in need of a tenant.

Thanks to "Michael from PA" for sending in the news!

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  1. Store looks great... A lot different than the one I shop at in Ottsville. Too bad they didn't do something more with the exterior. Still screams out "90s" and "Acme".