Monday, July 31, 2017

A blast from the past...

JUNE 30, 1991!

Classic photo courtesy of Chris Putro 

Location: Location: 8600 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia PA 

I was tipped off to this photo being posted on facebook and was able to get permission to share it. Got some great bonus material as well, which you can check out below. I love seeing classic photos like this! At first, I couldn't place this store in my head even though I knew it was in the Andorra Shopping Center. The place looks completely different today, which you can see below. The new top-heavy facade makes the store appear smaller from the outside than the previous facade. That said, this store's exterior upgrade is one of the nicest we've ever seen on a classic Acme! 

The Ridge Avenue Acme was covered on the blog back in 2011. Not much has changed since then other than the aisle markers getting switched out with the PF&H version 3 signs and some case upgrades. In fact, not much has changed here since the day the store opened. The layout has been preserved for decades with the only major change being the addition of an in-store Bakery during the 80's Remodel. It's one of the most classic Acmes still in existence today! 

You can enjoy an updated tour of the store on catnapped retail central's flickr photostream by clicking here. 


Price look-up charts for the registers! These are from 1993. 

I don't recall my Acme ever having charts with the actual weekly prices on them although my check-out days were over by 1993. 

Thanks to Chris for the photos! 


  1. Weird that their codes started with 5 and not 4 like everywhere else.

  2. Each chain used to have their own codes. ShopRite's started with '9'. There was a concerted effort to move towards a universal standard in the 1990's.