Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Former Acme – Mantua, New Jersey

Photos courtesy of Erica R.

 Location: 222 Bridgeton Pike, Mantua, New Jersey

Erica has returned once again to the former  Mantua Acme to photograph its transformation into a Wine Warehouse and Planet Fitness. This classic 33M Acme was located next to a Kmart, which continues to remain open. The Acme closed on February 28, 2013.

Erica took photos back in 2013 when the building was abandoned. Acme had yet to clean out the interior. You can check out those pictures by clicking here. Planet Fitness' entrance is right where Acme emergency exit was located.

Scar left from Acme's cart corral.

The Wine Warehouse entrance....

Looks like it could be a grocery store but there is absolutely nothing left from the Acme.

Some scars left on the sidewalk...

The ghosts of the magic carpets will live on here for decades to come!

The sign back when Acme was open...

For a look at the full coverage of the Mantua Acme, please click here.


  1. To spare confusion for anybody new to this site: The Mantua Acme was to close in early March 2013, but according to one of the employees, it was February 28, 2013. As for the photos posted here on this blog, these are the most important ones chosen out of the bunch. Thank you Acme Style for sharing!

  2. This looks like it was originally branded as Kmart Foods.

  3. That ACME had to have been the original Kmart.