Friday, October 3, 2014

Acme – Voorhees, New Jersey

Location: 700 Haddonfield Berlin Road, Voorhees, NJ

Down to the final four in New Jersey! Only three left to go after our stop here in Voorhees. This location is the very last 90's stores in the state to be covered on the blog. Personally, I think this is the best looking model used during the 90's. Much more attractive than the more often seen "fortress" model. The exterior of Voorhees is very similar to Acmes in Runnemede, Sewell and Yardville.

Acme's first store here was a 70's era store located at the opposite end of this shopping center. That building is now home to Office Depot. We'll have a closer look down below.

The interior has the Alberstsons Marketplace decor package along with some nice upgrades that were done during the SuperValu years. We'll head in on the right side...

Real windows in Produce were not an option as the Acme is joined on this side to the store next door.

The salad bar now wraps around the corner of the Bakery. These were added to higher volume stores during the Alberstons Marketplace remodels, often being relocated from free-standing salad bars in the Produce department.

The 90's Bakery panel was left on the wall here. Runnemede has a similar treatment with the panel having been removed. You can take a look by clicking here.

Alberstons' leaf spotted on the muffin boxes!

Ala Carte station with seating area has been added to the rear of the store. Cinnaminson had one as well in the very same spot. In Medford the station was located closer to the front of the store while in Randolph it was added right inside the entrance.

Nice upgrades in the Wild Harvest department! Both Medford and Cinnaminson had similar upgrades.

One thing we didn't see in Medford and Cinnaminson is a gigantic deals aisle.

Great Deals may have come along after ShopRite took over a nearby Stop and Shop location in the mid 2000's.

Scars left from the aisle that was removed to make room for the deals.

The keystones remain from the 90's Red/White/Blue package. Apparently these buggers are really hard to take off of the walls.

New cases back by the Deli for wings, olives and other fresh food offerings.

Nicely stocked store! Premium Fresh and Healthy aisle signs throughout.

Center aisle of the store looking over toward the Bakery.

Looking over toward Dairy. The center aisle can get a little junky looking with all sorts of random displays. Voorhees keeps the aisle nicely streamlined.

Floral has been moved from the corner of the store out into the aisles.

Pharmacy is located in the front corner of the store. In the 90's models, this corner was often used for Floral with the Pharmacy being located along the front wall.

A look across the front-end.

Heading over to the former Acme in Eagle Plaza...

You can see where Acme's windows were replaced by brick. Pretty surprising how well the brick matches from above to below.

Scars left from Acme's entrance?

Magic carpet and railings scars here.

A look around back...

Aerial Views

The 70's Acme all the way to the right and the 90's Acme all the way to the left.

Delivery doors located on the right side rather than at the back of the store.

No delivery doors along the back.

Aerial views of the 70's Acme. You can see remnants of the sign that used to be on the side of the building. Nearly identical to the one on the Morris Plains building (seen below).

The addition to the right side of the building happened sometime after 1995, most certainly after the Acme jumped to the other end.

The above image shows the proximity of the ShopRite which is located in the former SuperG/Stop and Shop. The ShopRite doesn't get much love from yelp reviewers.

Historic Views






  1. Great article...I love the Goldfish display in one of the photos. I hope to see some more Acme sales circulars from the past. It's a blast!

  2. I can't think of the other 2, but one of the final 3 must be Freehold.

    1. Freehold is one of them! I believe that one of the final ones has never once been mentioned on the blog by me or any commenter.

    2. I hope the other one of the three is Washington Twp, turnersville, NJ. Next to the SuperWalmart, it is now a Marshalls and Ross. Interesting transformation to see.

    3. Wash Twp Turnersville store:

  3. There was a Genuardi's around the corner for this store for a while, built on the site of a demolished A&P/ Super Fresh (also from the 70s); it closed a year or two before the rest of the stores.

  4. Love the Roger Wilco store to the right of the old Acme/Office Depot. Brings back memories of back in the Seventies, when the age of imbibement was eighteen in Jersey. We'd come across the Tacony bridge from Northeast Philly to the store on Rt 73, to fulfill our package goods needs!

  5. Weird how the store is flipped... produce is usually on the left side. I think lansdale is like this, but new britain is the opposite.. If I got some pictures of new britain.. Would you post them? And how should I send them to you?

    1. I'm more used to stores with the produce on the left although there are plenty that have them on the right. King of Prussia, Medford and Mount Holly are just a couple I can think off off the top of my head. I'll post pictures of New Britain if they quality is good. Depends on what type of phone you're using. You can send pictures to

    2. The Acme Sav-on on Bristol Road, in Bensalem, PA, also has the produce on the right hand side. This location does not have the windows in the produce department.

  6. Check out this picture of the Voorhees ACME (I think)