Thursday, July 10, 2014

Former Acme – Aston, PA

Location: 4952 Pennell Rd, Aston, PA

A very colorful, former 50's-styled Acme in Aston, Pennsylvania. Opening day was in September 1960. Closing day did not arrive until 2005! Pretty amazing considering the store was never expanded during all of those years. Aside from some upgrades to the loading docks, the building remained unaltered for 35 years. 

I would guess the interior here was the Checkerboard Arch decor until its final days. If anyone knows for sure, please let us know. This store is similar to the one in Washington, New Jersey, which closed in 2002. 

Produce receiving doors on the right side.

The awing received some upgrades over the years. The support polls as well which were made more sturdy with brick columns.

Acme's windows remain intact along the front.

The entrance and exit also still in their original spot.

Bread receiving door to the left of the entrance.

So I wasn't able to go inside to get any pictures. Certainly thought about giving it a shot but figured I might wind up with a lifetime membership to Planet Fitness if I wasn't careful. Fortunately, we can have a look around inside...

For interior pictures, please click here

Heading around to the back...

The loading dock with the trailer bay was added sometime after the store opened. You can see the employee break room and bathroom windows above it.

The compressor lifting beam is still intact above the second floor door...

This dock was expanded at some point with a roof covering the whole area. We'll see in the historic images that there was a small awning here originally.

Acme parking lot signs still going strong!

Aerial Views...

An addition could have easily been added to the left side of the building. The store must have done decent business over the years to last until 2005 when it's expiration date was easily 1995.

Giant arrived around 2005 and did the poor Acme in. I have no idea why Acme didn't pursue a replacement store in this area. It's always tough seeing these Giants sweep in and kill of the chain that once owned this market area.

Historic Aerials...



The original awning above the loading dock can be seen here.

Good thing they have all those parking spots in the back for overflow.



  1. Cool Store, But Why Wouldnt Acme Open A New One Around This Area? Every Post I've Read With Classic Acmes Always Close And Acme Makes A New One Down The Street. Why Not This One?

  2. Question for you AcmeStyle--that cheesy built-up area where the "Planet Fitness" signage is--and where the Acme signage was--all the stores of this era seem to have this two-tier area. Was this original to these stores, or do you think these stores started with the elegant script logo on top of that straight awning?
    I realize you can't know for sure, but just wondering, in general, what your best guess is...

    1. Yes, the stores started with the script logo running across the awning. The "two-tier area" was most often added when the stores received the fish-eye logo sign. It was a modified version of the Super Saver awning. A lot stores did not have them added to the awning. The sign was just mounted to the awning, looking a little sad and lonely. You can see examples of this for the following stores...



      Sparta is a good example of the Super Saver awning and figh-eye sign having replaced the script logo...

  3. Planet Fitness is a hilarious excuse for a gym.

  4. This store was slow even before the Giant showed up. Was not surprised when it went belly up. There was even a Shop N Bag in town that also bit the bullet.

    Giant already had a store in nearby Brookhaven (along with a Pathmark next door). Rumor had it that the Giant had the highest shrink in the entire company. I wouldn't be surprised. Chester is a food desert, though they were breaking ground on a Bottom Dollar at the other end of town near 95 when I was in the area late last year.