Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Official...

New Beach Haven Store
Opening in 2015!

Photo courtesy of dougbalt

Plans to replace the Beach Haven store for next summer were announced back in April during the launch of Acme's "We're Back!" campaign. With the plans being on-again/off-again for years now, it still wasn't safe to bet on them actually happening. Well, Acme has now officially announced on their website that the current Beach Haven store will be replaced with a new store. dougbalt was even able to catch the announcement on the back of a bus! (A larger image of the new store can be seen at ProgressiveGrocer.com by click here.) Below is the video Acme posted on their website to finally make the news official. (Thanks to the numerous people who emailed the link to Acme Style). For full coverage of the Beach Haven store on Acme Style, please click here.


  1. The progressive Grocer article has the current store as 38,900 and the new store as almost double.

    Does that sound right? It seems more like the new store will be 38,900 which is almost double the current store.

    1. The article got it wrong. The current store is in the 20,000 square foot range.

  2. You forgot the "N" in Beach Haven at the top of the article.

  3. This is such a no-brainer for success. The only other on-island competition was the old Foodtown/IGA, which it looks like is now closed-up for good. We always did a big order at the Super ShopRite on the way in, and then filled-in with trips to Acme during our week on the island...only because the old store was so mobbed all the time and the selection was not great. But this is great news for all involved.
    I have a special place in my heart for this store...I remember buying razors there when I guess I discovered, during a teenage vacation, that I needed to start shaving. And I remember those first razors I bought....Osco-brand disposables. They were horrible and I remember wondering what the heck Osco was...
    And OMG the director of store ops has the Delaware Valley accent from hell. Love her.