Thursday, May 8, 2014

Acme stole Super Fresh's letters?

Super Fresh circa 1984...

Acme Checkerboard Arch Decor

The SAME exact font in both stores! It's most obvious when you compare the arms of the F's and E's. John, aka JSF0864, posted some spectacular photos of the Willingboro Super Fresh in his flickr collection. I did a double take when I saw the department signs on the walls. I compared them to the the signs at the Manasquan Acme and discovered they were an exact match! The letters can also be seen in the Seal Isle City store by clicking here.

Below is another shot from the Willingoboro Super Fresh circa 1984. John has even MORE posted in his flickr collection. The shot of the plant and produce department is a must-see! Click on the pictures below to jump over to John's photosream to see more.


  1. Have to just think it's a coincidence. By the time Acme was rolling out the checkerboard arch decor, Super Fresh was moving or had moved to the "Fresh" decor package or whatever you'd call it. My local SF location had rounded letters ala the original Super Fresh logo.

  2. what about the aisle markers in the Fairless Hills Shop Rite. they seem more Super Fresh than Shop-Rite. Considering the Shop-rite at fairless hills was a Super Fresh

    1. From what I remember almost everything in the Fairless Hills Shoprite is left over from Super Fresh; same with the one on Island Ave in Philly (a former Acme).

  3. I hope superfresh doesn't notice this, although, they wouldn't exactly care now because I doubt any of their stores have this décor anymore.

  4. Geno WashingtonMay 9, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    How intact is the interior of this former A&P/Super Fresh today? I know Family Dollar, a Goodwill store, and an independent dollar store now share the former Super Fresh space in Willingboro. Super Fresh closed there in 1995 soon after the current Acme in town opened.

    Also, I know the A&P/Super Fresh in Mercerville was the unofficial twin to this store. Now that Retro Fitness, a restaurant, and a farmer's market share that space, might the Super Fresh elements still be visible in the farmer's market portion?