Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One More Red, White and Blue Store!

Photo courtesy of JoshAustin610's flickr photostream

Location: 6640 Oxford Ave, Philadelphia, PA

These photos just in to Acme Style >>>

After years of reporting that there were only two remaining Red/White/Blue decor stores, I have been proven wrong! Not sure why it took so long. I had read somewhere that this store hadn't been remodeled since the 90's but that is true for some stores that currently have the Chalkboard Market decor package. After Morrisville closed and Willingboro was remodeled, I thought we would never see this decor package again. Glad to see that wasn't true!

The Oxford Ave store opened in March 1959 and has been expanded and remodeled several times since. We will eventually take a closer look at the evolution of the store in an upcoming post. Today's post is strictly for providing photographic evidence of the continued existence of the 90's Red/White/Blue decor.

The interior is in spectacular condition!

Smaller in size to the standard 90's "Fortress" stores as the expansions done here were limited by the size of the property.

Clock seen here before the Bakery sign. It was most often placed after the sign, closer to the meat department.

New cases in this area of the store.

"Lancaster" not done in neon here but still looking great!

The corner normally used for Floral is being used for additional frozen food cases here.

Coming soon... the full Acme Style treatment of the Oxford Ave store!


  1. Too late to do an Acme Style treatment now :(. The store was renovated with PF&H 3.0 ("Paint and Plastic"). If you look up the store on Google, you will find photos of it with PF&H inside. Sad to see it go!

  2. Hi, I grew up going to this store and have been looking for photos before the renovation. Any luck? Thanks

  3. This store in the 1970's was an Acme Super Saver location.