Monday, May 5, 2014

Acme Logo Evolution...

The evolution of Acme's logo beginning with the original, 1961 fish-eye logo through the brand-new, fish-eye inspired logo. Time will tell if the latest version becomes an official logo or used only on a limited basis much like it's closest counterpart, the second version on the chart. The "tear-drop" version was used in the late 70's and early 80's on packaging, uniforms and grocery bags but never made it made it up in lights on the front of stores. The red-oval logo debuted in the mid-80's and lived on throughout the 90's. The lackluster block-letter logo debuted in 1992 but spent nearly a decade sharing the spot light with the red-oval logo. The sooner it gets retired, the better.


  1. Geno WashingtonMay 5, 2014 at 3:17 PM

    Is there really a way to tell apart Acme store brand products (mostly those with the Ideal name) from the 60's apart from the Acme store brand products of the 70's? Because the first logo shown in this timeline was used throughout both decades, I wouldn't know how to tell the difference.

    Also I was wondering... wasn't it really unnecessary that Acme used the word "markets" on their stores in the 50's? Considering the Acme stores from that era were the first generation of Acme stores to be self-service supermarkets, which had already been preceded by small Acme "service" stores for many years, wasn't the Acme name already well known?

    And one other question: considering a number of 50's Acme stores (such as the ones in Sparta and Montclair in NJ) were remodeled and given the 33M-style facade in the 70's, would it be safe to assume that a 50's Acme building given the fisheye logo but without the 33M touches was updated to that logo during the 60's, before the 33M stores (or the Super Saver concept) made their debut circa 1970?

  2. I believe that Acme used the Ideal brand name (as well as others, like Farmdale, Princess, Speedup, etc.) well into the late 70's. The easiest ways I can think of to date an Acme product label would be to look for a zip code in the Acme address (that would date it to at least 1963-64 or later); and then, look for a UPC bar code, which in turn would place the item as being from around 1974-75 or later.

  3. Where'd you get the last logo from? Can't find it anywhere on the internet!