Friday, May 3, 2013

Former Acme — Pottsville, PA

Photos courtesy of John from

Location: 2247 West Market Street, Pottsville, PA

Opened in November 1958. Boyers is a recent tenant in this former Acme. The building has been home to several markets over the years.

Former produce delivery doors are blocked over possibly making way for an expansion inside. The Alshand store was missing the back room space that is seen here. Notice too that none of the front windows were covered over like was saw at the Ashland store and many other 50's models.

Aerial Image...

First look shows the former Pottsville Acme with an unusually small parking lot. That wasn't always the case.

Historic Aerials...

Until just the last few years, the former Acme stood alone on this property with a grassy field to the right side.

In 2004, the former Acme continued to have it's huge parking lot intact. The size looks more dramatic down below with the parking spaces more clearly defined.

If you compare 1969 with 2004, you'll see a small extension was built on the right side of the store. Whether or not that happened while Acme was the tenant is unknown. Old satellite images of this area are not available between these two dates.

Additional Boyers / Former Acmes:

Location: 550 W Oak St  Frackville, PA 17931 
Opening date: June 1963

Location:  210 Cedar St Tamaqua, PA 18252
Opening Date: April 1959

Location: 500 W Bertsch St, Lansford, PA 18232
Opening Date: February 1957

For a directory of the Boyers Food Stores, please click here. Besides setting up shop in old Acme's, Boyers has taken over several Colonial style A&P locations in Berwick, Schuylkill Haven and Shenandoah.


  1. After looking at the Lansford store, then compairing it with the old Centeville, Maryland Acme they are almost twins as far as the building structure and roof go.


  2. Look at the rear of this Pottsville location. We had to back up the side of the building to make deliveries and if you had a smaller trailer you might get lucky and do a turn-around if there were no other vehicles back there.


  3. The picture of the store in Frackville has never been an Acme. The store was built by the Anthony brothers in 1970.

  4. It should be noted there's a shopping center next door which one of the very last West Coast Video stores in existence; they also function as a pizza place and a hobby shop.