Monday, January 28, 2013

News Break:

Beach Haven to reopen around Easter... 
brand new store planned for May 2014!

The has an article about the current and future plans for the Beach Haven store. The current store, heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy, is on track to reopen around the end of March. Come October, this classic store will shut down for good so the property can be cleared for construction of a replacement store. If all goes as planned, the new store should be open in May of 2014. Thanks to Paul for sending in the link to the article! 


  1. Makes sense. Open in time to rake in all the shore money, close up after the season, and rebuild and reopen for the 2014 season.

    Wonder if they will go with a new store layout/style, or stick with the most recent one. Acme could use a change, their look is getting dated.

  2. The decor in the new Bryn Mawr store isn't too dated looking. It's being used in remodels too. It's simple (and cheap) but pretty attractive. Let's just hope they don't bring the Albertson's, LLC decor package over to Acme. It is terrible.

  3. yeah, this store was pretty well built.