Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bryn Mawr opening to be delayed!

BrynMawr Patch has reported that the construction of the new Acme has been delayed due to record rainfall over the past few months. The store, which was scheduled to open on March 2, has no opening date set at this time. You can read all about and see some pictures at brynmawr.patch.com. Acme Style is planning full coverage of the flagship store when the big day does arrive.

In other Acme Style news...  just a few more posts coming your way this year. Look for the "Big Post of the Week" to go up on December 16th (classic location!) and December 30th, which will be 2011's Grand Finale. A few small posts are also in the works before year's end. Acme Style will then kick-off its 4th year on January 13, 2012.


  1. Thanks for the update! I drove by the location three weeks ago, and was hard pressed to see much of a change since August. Lots of people were working, but they were still working on the foundation and basement. It looks to be about three months behind schedule.

  2. abandoned ACME- Paulsboro, NJ (pitched-roof)
    former ACME- Boyerstown, PA (pitched roof covered up by CVS facade)
    classic ACME- Phoenixville, PA (80's era facade, but probably quite a lot older)

  3. I'm not sure where else to post this, and I know that a lot of folks here hate ShopRite, but I have heard great things about their store in Somerville, NJ (which opened roughly three months ago). Though I have never been to this store, I read that it's 70,000 square feet, and the largest ShopRite in the state.

    I'd love to read comments about the Somerville, NJ ShopRite from those who have been there. I am also interested in ascertaining the largest stores operated by Acme and A&P.

  4. Is Acme doing much else in the way of new store construction, or even remodeling? Haven't seen much of anything going on in the stores in these parts, other than some half-hearted remodels or minor tweaks.

    I don't have any access to actual square foot data, but around here (SE PA/DE/MD), my guess is that the Middletown DE and Avondale PA stores are the two biggest in this area.

    Oh, and as for the former Acme in Fallston MD, I hear the new store (Harvest Fare, they also have a store in Baltimore) is doing quite well. The store manager from Acme that was running the store quit and came to work for Harvest Fare as the store manager. Great guy. Some Acme employees also came to work for him. Haven't made it down that far in a long time to be able to check it out or catch up with him.

    And ShopRite is weeks away from opening a new store in Bear DE (in the old Genuardi's/Safeway). Grand opening is 12/31. They gutted the building down to the dirt floor and block walls, and added at least 10,000sq ft to the side of the building. Also updated the look of the front, but it still keeps within the general style of the rest of the shopping center. It's a good ways away from the Acme, and will probably affect the Giant across the street the most.

  5. Gary, when did the Genuardi's/Safeway in Bear (which started as Thriftway) open? Did it have the fluorescent lighting Acme used in the 90's?

  6. Max,

    If that shoprite is 70000 sq ft, it is only 2/3 the size of the neptune shoprite.

  7. Saker ShopRite operates "World Class" ShopRite's like Neptune. In October the family opened in downtown Somerville on the site of a former Pathmark. In November they opened a 75,000 sq ft store in Toms River on the site of Toms River's original ShopRite and across the street from the former Acme location. On December 3rd, they had the grand opening of their new 85,000 sq ft store in Hamilton Square, erected in three parts, as their former store at this location was demolished, without ever being closed to the public. An amazing experience to watch! What will the new ShopRite's effect be on the Hamilton Square Acme, one block away? I guess we have to "stay tuned."

  8. Sorry, I don't know the history of the Bear Genuardi's/Safeway. It was open when I moved here in 2000.

    I rarely shopped there, because it was so cramped and poorly laid out. Not to mention the out of date products I would find in there. If I needed anything from Safeway I would just go to the Glasgow location.

  9. The News-Journal posted an article today about the new ShopRite in Bear, and it indicates that the Safeway/Genuardi's opened in 1986. It was 53,000 sq ft, and ShopRite will be 63,000.

    After spending over $6 million on renovations a few years ago, the Giant-Landover store across the street is doing some smaller renovating currently. They cut half of an aisle out, leaving space for soda displays - much like a Stop and Shop I was in this summer in RI. They also killed the natural/organic section (including ripping out the frozen cases), and put the sections in-line, which seems to be the trend these days. Not sure if this is related to their upcoming competition or not.


  10. Just found this: The Bryn Mawr Acme's new grand opening date is set for June 1, 2012! See here: http://brynmawr.patch.com/articles/bryn-mawr-acme-sets-reopening-date