Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today's post rescheduled for next Friday

The post I've been working on for today did not get finished in time. It has been reschedule for next Friday. Bad news, I know. The good news is... there will be a double post next week! We'll have a very successful 2000's model paired with an interesting and former store, the likes of which have not yet been seen on the blog.

Update 11.14.12: My plans are proving to be too ambitious this week. The former store posted planned for next Friday has been put on hold. The 2000's store will still be going up with lots of pictures. There will be an additional post which will wrap up some unfinished of a previously visited former store. The other former store I mentioned will be going up in the very near future.


  1. Look what I found! A photo of the Newark DE Acme which has been a Rite Aid since 1982, on a real estate website of all places!:

    I think the Media PA store also looked like this at first and was given the "Super Saver" front but no Super Saver name or deals in the 70's. Then around 1990 the store got torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

  2. And if you delete everything after the slash after "retail" in the URL, there are a couple 80's photos of a Service Merchandise in Wilmington from when it was new. The store is a Raymour & Flanigan clearance store and The Ground Round in the parking lot is an Applebee's.

  3. Thanks Mango! Very cool picture of that old Acme. Nice shot of a Super Fresh store too...

  4. That store was an A&P until around the same time the nearby Acme closed, like all early Super Fresh stores. I can't believe this style store can still be found here in addition to Wynnewood PA and Gladwyne PA (not far apart) in 2011. The Willow Grove PA and Towson MD stores closed not long ago too. There was another A&P in Newark which had the less common "barrel" roof (making it look just like a Penn Fruit building) and later got the Centennial treatment. Now the place is a Toyota dealership of all things. Also the Super Fresh in New Castle DE was a Centennial A&P that was remodeled (but not expanded) in 1976 and it has never been remodeled again except for a paint job! The Super Fresh in Wilmington was also a Centennial and was given a new take on the old 50's look around 1987. Ironically a store identical to the New Castle one was closed in a consolidation with the Wilmington one.