Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Demolition: Former Acme, Plains PA

Location: 16 South Main Street, Plains PA

The former Plains PA Acme, which was featured on the blog way back in the day as part of the Wyoming Valley Tour, is being torn down. These pictures were sent in back in late August while the demolition was in progress. This location had become and Eckerd Drug Store but had been abandoned in recent years according to Google Maps street view. A Turkey Hill convenience store and gas station will be built in it's place. 

Photo courtesy of Wyoming Valley Blog

The home owners here in the lower right corner must not have been happy when Acme built their store. The Acme had no doors or driveway along the back of the store. Looks as though the only delivery bay was on the left side of the building...


  1. I'm kicking myself now for not getting pictures of this store when I was in NEPA this summer.

    Around late July I drove by the former Plains Twp. Acme, wanting to get some pictures of it to send in to the blog since it was a fairly well preserved pitched roof store, but the day I happened to drive by, I saw a group of people in the parking lot by a van doing something. I wasn't sure what they were up to (it was probably demolition or construction planning now that I see this), but it was because of that I kept on driving and never made it back before returning to Florida in early August, probably only days before they started demolition. If I only knew they were going to tear this place down I would have made this former Acme a top priority.

    This store most likely would have become a Rite Aid when Eckerd went under, but Rite Aid already had a brand new store being built in front of the Mr. Z's (now Weis) about a quarter mile away down Carey Ave. as a relocation for a store in the Mr. Z's plaza when the Eckerd buyout occured.

    Even though this store is now gone, I'll try hard not to dwell over not getting the pictures. NEPA still has some other really nice former Acmes floating around.

    And by the way, does anyone know if this store still had the mod-Acme tiles inside after they redid the front for Eckerd, or have they been gone for years? From the demolition pictures, it looks like they might have just met their fate in August.

  2. The new Turkey Hill at this site opened around the end of February, beginning of March 2012. This website has some pictures of the new store and its construction: http://wyomingvalleyphotos.blogspot.com/2012/03/turkey-hill-new-location-plains.html

    I still think it would have been cool if Turkey Hill kept the old Acme building and converted all or part of it into the food mart, and just placed the new gas pumps in part of the old parking lot. That would have made for one interesting gas station!

  3. Turkey Hill Gas Stations and Ice cream are both owned by Kroger