Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to your NEW Browns Mills Acme!

Well not really. This video, posted by steve5122 on youtube, claims to give you a "quick look around" the remodeled Browns Mills Acme, but the store never makes an appearance. Stranger yet, there are two different decor packages shown in the video leaving the viewer unsure of how their newly remodeled Acme actually looks. Clearly the video package is used for all remodeled stores with the voiceover intro changed to mention a specific store which has just been remodeled. Customers must have received the DVD in the mail or in store as they can return it to Customer Service for a $10 off coupon. This particular video's offer expired January 19, 2007.

Are Toys R Us and Office Depot still partners with Acme/Alberstons in the toy and office supply departments? The video mentions that they are but I don't recall seeing signage in any Acme in recent years that would indicate these partnerships are still ongoing.


  1. thats not browns mills lol

  2. Some interesting notes about the Acme remodel video:

    - The section describing the Floral department must have been shot at an Albertsons, as the basket the woman is carrying has the Albertsons leaf on it and not the "ACME" block-letter logo.

    - The shot of the Produce department has the "Chalkboard Market" decor, while all of the other shots have the basic version of the "Albertsons Marketplace" decor.

    Just wanted to share my observations!