Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Feature!

Pick of the Day!

Welcome to Acme Style's new feature "Former Acme Pick of the Day!" This new category of posts will be rolled out a few times a month and will feature a former Acme Market captured in satellite images. Up until this point, I have avoided doing store posts that rely on satellite images alone. Mostly because it's lame and because Acme Style strives to provide the highest quality content as possible. But the facts are, I will never be able to do a big post of the week on every Acme out there. All those former stores that may be too far to travel to or too little known about to become a post of the week will eventually find a home here. In time, commenters will hopefully give us some more information about the history of these former Acmes and may even send in pictures of these stores which will be added to the posts. 

First up, the former pitched-roof store in Manchester Pennsylvania, current home (at least partially) to the Manchester Cafe... 

Location: 4302 North George Street, Manchester PA

After coming across the old pitched-roof store in Manchester, I discovered a site rarely seen these days... an un-updated Giant! Still with it's orange logo and without the 90's black glass front. Didn't know there were any of these still out there!

Update 5.24.11: Turns out a replacement store has been built for this old Giant! Here's a look...


  1. I'm always surprised to see these little A-frames. They're not usually much larger than the stores Acme had started to phase out with its late-50's buildings so it's easy to imagine they were woefully inadequate for pretty much any area in the mid- to late-60's. This one looks to have been expanded at some point, although who knows if it was when the building was still an Acme?

  2. The Giant actually did relocate in 2009, possibly not long after the satellite picture was taken. It was also previously a Jubilee Foods that was converted to Giant in 2000; that's why it doesn't look like a regular older Giant with the glass.

  3. Figures. Couldn't image Giant still had a store open that looked that old. Did they build a new store or occupy that abandoned building that's just down the street?

  4. Theres a whole video on youtube about the new store in manchester opening just type in giant foods manchester pa and you can find out where the new location/store is

  5. Thanks Anon! Video has been added to the post.

  6. I got a recent picture of this store on my Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/62355920@N00/6790718524/in/photostream); someone from that area commented on it that this wasn't an Acme, but a Wolf Lumber and Garden Supply. Having seen it up close I'd be really surprised if it was.