Tuesday, May 31, 2011

News Break:

SuperValu bids on Superfresh store

A&P has announced that they have sold 12 of the 25 Superfresh stores that were up for sale in the Maryland and Washington DC areas. The company will close the remaining 13 stores for which buyers could not be found. The news was reported on yahoo's finance site. Closings are scheduled for July and 1,500 people will be losing their jobs. There's a very interesting twist at the end of the article... SuperValu has placed a bid in the Superfresh store in Elliot City, MD...

Location: 3301 North Ridge Road, Elliot City MD

Walmart in the upper left-hand corner. What would SuperValu want with this location? A Sav a Lot would barely take up a third of the building leaving a costly reconfiguration of the property and the need for additional tenants to justify purchasing the building. The only other SuperValu banner in this region is Acme and they wouldn't putting one of those right next to a Walmart. Hmmmm. Any ideas why they're bidding on this buidling? You can jump to the article on yahoo by clicking here

Update 6.1.11: If the purchase goes through, the Elliot Superfresh will become a Shoppers Food and Pharmacy. I stand corrected! Shoppers Food is SuperValu's banner in that area. Additional details can be found at ElliotCityPatch.com


  1. How many superfreshes will be left belonging to A&P after the closings?

  2. News reports say that SuperValu will put its Shoppers Food banner on the Ellicott City store

  3. I had heard that (Shoppers) also somewhere on line.

    The only Superfresh(es) left in MD will be the couple in Ocean City - in addition they have 6 or 7 each in DE and NJ and about 12 in PA for approximately 25+/- total.

  4. Remaining high volume Super Fresh stores:

    1. Havertown, PA (former Penn Fruit/Thriftway)

    2. Kennett Square, PA

    3. Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA

    4. Westmont, NJ (former Clover)

    5. Ocean City, NJ (former Albertsons)

    6. Claymont, DE

    Remaining low volume Super Fresh stores:

    1. Wynnewood, PA (former Centennial A&P)

    2. Gladwyne, PA (former Centennial A&P)

    3. Center City, Philadelphia, PA (former A&P)

    4. Center City, Philadelphia, PA (restored downtown building)

    3. Marlton, NJ (former 1975 A&P)

    4. New Castle, DE (former 1959 A&P, redone 1975)

    5. Newark, DE (former Centennial A&P)

    6. Wilmington, DE (former Centennial A&P)

    7. South Philadelphia, PA

    8. Center Square, PA

    9. Plainsboro, NJ (former Jamesway)

    10. New Hope, PA

    11. Richboro, PA

    12. Manahawkin, NJ

    13. North Wildwood, NJ

  5. Thanks for all the additional info Anons! (Why doesn't anyone like to leave a name on this site? Even a fake one?)

    Does anyone know which/how many Superfresh stores were remodeled similarly to A&P's fresh format?

  6. The former superfresh in Lionville is being turned into a Redner's

  7. I see that a company named Village Supermarkets bid on multiple locations. Is this the same Village Supermarkets that is part of the Shop-Rite co-op?

  8. Yes to the previous comment - they did a joint bid on the stores that were sold (excepting the one SuperValu and one sold back to it's landlord) apparently only a couple will become ShopRite, the rest are being taken by the other joint bidder, a company named Mrs. Greens that has natural foods stores

  9. who knows, who cares anymore really. it is just so blatantly obvious acme is dying a quicker death than previously thought. employees see it every day, everything is changing to more "generic" and not acme-like at all. hate to see what will happen once the next contract with the local unions goes up.

  10. The superfresh on 5th Street, in Philadelphia, received the current "A&P Fresh" packaging

  11. The Richboro SuperFresh is likely going to be short lived as well. It relocated to the other end of the center in the mid 90's for a superstore format. It's never been real busy. The Richboro Shop & Bag seems to get the majority of business in town. Although the interior of that store is real dated, it has modern conveniences and was one of the fist stores to install self-checkouts. Really nice to see that it is still successful.
    But Giant is trying to fight for a property in between both stores (former Davis Pontiac). This will definitely kill off the SuperFresh if it happens.

  12. Hi, Its great to see that Mrs Greens headed by a former A&P executive will put a Natural foods supermarket in the Super Fresh in Chestertown. This will mean that the Acme A Frame will pick up about 300, 000 per week. Simply because it is the only show in town.

  13. I heard a rumor yesterday that Giant and Lowe's have plans for a site along US 1 in Upper Darby, PA (right outside West Philadelphia). This may or may not hurt the Acme A Frame/Super Saver heavily remodeled and expanded down the road.

  14. As I posted earlier, the ShopRite franchise owned by Village Super Markets has reopened the former Super Fresh Superstore on July 31, 2011. New front registers, and a tweaking of the center store placement, and interior perimeter painting and new signage were evident when I visited the store during its grand opening.

  15. Redners is now in Lionville!!!!!

  16. how many superfreshes are left that still have the old logo?