Saturday, October 17, 2009

Secaucus Acme: Final Days

The Former Acme in Secaucus NJ, Part 2 of 3

These are the final days of the Acme in Secaucus New Jersey back in September 2004...

The red oval logo survived til the very end. May have been replaced at some point. It's rare to see these signs in such good shape 15 or more years after they replaced the old fish-eye logo.

"This Store Will Close Permanently on Sept. 30"... due to the landlord refusing to renew the lease. Details to come in Part 3.

Some interior shots showing the 80's decor... a favorite here at Acme Style. Re-stocking has ceased at this point. Notice the aisle signs have been replaced with the 90's styled look. This store is the only Acme that I know of that did not receive the "Convenience Store" decor package of the 90's. I know of no other Acme that was still sporting the 80's remodel look all the way til 2005. If you know of any others please write in! Acme had big plans for this store which may be why they skipped the minor decor changes of the 90's.

Like most 80's remodels the full service Seafood department that was added in has since been removed and replaced with a self-service frozen food case.

In the final years the Bakery didn't offer much in the way of "in-store" baked goods.

A full look at the front of the store. The section starting with the Liquor store is set back from the front of the Acme. The parking lot was quite small.

Interior night-time shots of the Final Days...


  1. Those are some great interior pics! A nice, classic neighborhood supermarket.

  2. So sad. So many things change over the years but if certain structures like these would remain intact, it would feel more comforting. The fact that Secaucus got rid of all its supermarkets is something I'll never understand :( Bring ACME back!

  3. Very nice interior shots! IBM system and the good old (TEM?) ad view checkout markers that Pathmark and Kroger used.

    1. Thanks! Have to tell you… I can't stand those checkout markers. So glad Acme has gone back to custom designed ones to match their interiors.