Monday, April 20, 2009

Store closings...

Princeton Junction, NJ

Acme Style received a tip from a reader about a week ago that the Princeton Junction Acme was closing in the near future. I did a quick google search this morning to see if there was any news out there to confirm the tip and... there is. After 39 years, this store will close for good on May 7, 2009.

Fortunately, I was at this location about a month ago and took pictures of the inside and out. I figured this store's days were numbered as it is quite an old Acme and was still sporting the old oval logo. It started out as a pitched-roof store and was later expanded. You can see evidence of this from views on Live Maps.

When I arrived at this location I was very surprised at how nice the interior was. Significantly upgraded within the past 10 years and nicely maintained. Clean, well-stocked, brightly lit. Very busy on the Saturday afternoon. Seemed odd that the store had old exterior signage when other stores that didn't have such extensive interior upgrades have gotten the newer logo and signage.I read a bunch of the articles that came out late last week regarding the closing. Acme's lease expires at the end of May and although they said the store is not necessarily losing money, they have decided not to continue to operate this location.

Township officials have been in talks for two years now about the possibilities of redeveloping this shopping center with hopes of giving it an "Main Street" styled shopping experience. Several developers are interested in taking over this property. Current plans are only to upgrade the facade and find a new tenant for the Acme. Rumors are circulating that King's is interested in space. Another developer is interested in buying the property and launching a major renovations.

The general consensus at this point seems to be that the Acme will remain dark and empty as the many parties involved debate the future of this shopping center.

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