Monday, March 30, 2009

Abandoned Acme! Freehold, NJ

Location: 200 Mounts Corner Drive, Freehold NJ

File this one under "Crash and Burn". Located in Freehold New Jersey, this abandoned Acme opened on February 22, 2005 and was shut down just 21 months later on November 2, 2006. The Acme in Marlboro New Jersey, not far from this store, was closed for good the very same day. That location will be featured in a future post.

Acme released a statement explaining that this location was not meeting the sales numbers it needed to maintain a profit. Acme offered to sublease the property to any interested supermarket chains but did not give specifics as to Acme difficulties in attracting enough business. This store was part of a new, rather nice shopping center. It was built right next to an older shopping center that has a SuperFoodtown. I visited that store while I was in the area and was surprised Acme was not able to compete. The store was very busy as there are many large housing developments in the area. Very dark inside and loads of tacky decor. Perhaps the SuperFoodtown's prices were much lower than Acme's.

Sign by the street. Larger version posted below. Looks like they tried scrapping off the paint.

I have to say... this is one of the most attractive facades I have seen on an Acme. Matched the look of the rest of the shopping center. It's pretty rare these days to see a grocery store with so much decorative detail on the exterior.

Couldn't get any interior shots. There was construction going on inside. The store has been divided in about half with a Top Tomato Superstore taking over the left side. They had pictures in the windows of other Top Tomato stores to show what was coming. Extremely unimpressive. Produce and merchandise stacked to the ceilings. Looks more like a discount grocer. The right side of the store still has Acme decor. Looked like a realtor was giving a tour so I couldn't get pics of that side either.

This sign is at the entrance from Wemrock Road.

This sign is in the front of the shopping center on West Main Street.

Here's a look from Live Maps with the Acme/Sav-on signage on the front of the store.


  1. Nintendo85 again. I went by this store back in June - it has now turned into a new supermarket. I forget the name; it had the word ''Tomato'' in it if I recall correctly.

  2. This store never should have been built. It was in a residential area on a county road, (not the main highway) next to another existing supermarket. The town did not want to allow the shopping center to build a supermarket because they knew that the area could not support it, but the shopping center developers fought it in court and built the store.

  3. My husband, who works in Freehold told me on many occasions the store was very poorly managed. Years ago, when I was growing up in Mercerville, the Acme co-existed for years in the same strip mall with an A & P, which later was a Super Fresh.

  4. 7915 never had a busy day in its short life. The Grand Opening was dead sad story people and management were so nice. Same management launched 7932 Lincroft

  5. There is a popular ShopRite store about 2 miles away on Route 9 at Route 33. The ShopRite is smaller and older than the Acme was, but its prices are lower than Acme and its in a better location.

  6. Hmmm... I was never aware that there was another Acme in Freehold. The only one I knew of is on Route 9, which I'm pretty sure is still there. Were they both operating at the same time?

  7. there wwas a top tomato there. the signs for ut are still there in the parkong lots

  8. the acme on route 9 is still open and is always very busy