Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ortley Beach sign gets painted!

Photo above courtesy of dougbalt

The massive structure holding Acme's sign high up in the air has been de-rusted and repainted! This contraption has been standing here since Acme first opened on the property in 1969. When Acme closed in the 80's, the neighboring A&P expanded and claimed the giant Acme sign as it's own. Acme triumphantly took it back on November 13. 2015.

A look at the sign prior to the repaint...

In additional photo of the sign had been sent in along with some 
shots of the interior which has not yet been remodeled....


  1. It was very emotional for me to not only see that Acme has triumphantly returned to its former location, but also how they restored this vintage sign with so much care. The store was mobbed, too.

  2. This was Fresh setup one, right? Woodland Park had this too the last time I was there and never got rid of it (why, I don't know). Looked like Stop & Shop circa early 2000s.

    1. Actually it was the 4th round of the Fresh remodel which saw various elements of the first 3 combined together.