Friday, May 3, 2013

Former Acme – Mount Carmel, PA

Photos courtesy of John from

Location: 2678 Locust Gap Highway, Mount Carmel, PA

Opening date unknown at this time. Most likely early to mid 70's. A "33M" formatted store with the entrance leading directly into Produce instead of leading customers along the entire front-end. This store would have looked very similar inside to the former Coal Township location.

The CVS right next door.

Looking up towards the entrance/exit and customer service area. Not much left of the old Acme...

Except for the floor! The 80's Remodel was here.

I believe we're looking back towards the Corner Deli. The angled wall may have looked like this in the 70's and like this after the 80's Remodel. One things for sure... the walls were more exciting during the Acme days!

Satellite images for this location aren't available except for this lone shot from google maps. Nothing of interest to be found in the old satellite photos.

Acme's parking lot sign remains.

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