Monday, April 13, 2009

Abandoned A&P SAV-A-CENTER! Andover, NJ

This former A&P SAV-A-CENTER is just off of Rt. 206 in Andover NJ. It started out as a regular A&P with the orange logo and was converted to a SAV-A-CENTER in the mid to late 80's. Not sure when it closed down but would guess sometime in the late 90's. A massive ShopRite opened up about 2 miles down the road in Byram. I don't have any additional information on this store. Hopefully we'll get some commenters who can tell us more about it.

Love the old light fixtures on the awning. Looks like they have been there ever since the store opened as an A&P.

In on the left, out on the right.

Rather strange location for a grocery store. The front of the store faces the woods. This is what you would see when you come out the Exit. Very small parking lot between the doors and the woods.

That wheel and rock must have been on the property. As you will see in picks later, this A&P was built around what looks like a historic builinding.

Got some great interior shots. I love seeing the inside of abandoned grocery stores.

I really liked the decor in the SAV-A-CENTERS. This style was used before the Super Fresh look was rolled out in the SAV-A-CENTERS. I like the bold lettering, the intense green color and the pictures of food.

Looks like the Seafood department was back in that corner.

The Bakery was in the left hand corner.

The Produce Departement may have been along the front of the store to the left of the entrance. Could get angled any more to capture the Produce imagery or sign.

The is a small Post Office at the far end. Still open.

You can see the old buildings here that were originally on the property.

Not a great shot with the sun. Tough to time these visits with the best lighting situations!

Hmmm... not sure about the "We've got the prices!" Shouldn't they have thrown in "low prices!"?

This is the back of the store. Faces Rt. 206.

You can see here how the store is backs up to the local roads. It's also downhill from the roads making it difficult to notice when you pass by.


  1. WOW, this photo spread is awesome. I continue to shop at Super Fresh. Yes, I do remember the bright green signage, with the super cool food photos.

    The interior shots are really great. Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Thanks for stopping by Andy! I have an abandoned Super Fresh coming soon as one of my Bonus Stores. There will be more A&P's on here too so keep checking back!

  3. This store closed in the Erlly 2000s

  4. i shopped there if i remember correctly it was closed around the same time i got married which was feb. 1993. the parking lot was the worst there was no where to park! the pizzaria that was there was really good and there was a hair place in the old stone building that you photog'd. it wasnt a bad store im not sure why they closed but you would think by now something would have moved in who knows.

  5. I love A&p ashame this one closed

  6. I had my first job at 16 working at this A&P stocking shelves after school..must have been 1973 or 74...have not seen it since as I moved away many years ago. It was added to what was the old Andover Grist Mill Playhouse. The stone out front was at the old bldg. I remember when this A&P was under construction. How fast time flies. Great memories working there as a kid.

  7. Wow, this brings back memories. When I was a kid, we went to the Presbyterian Church right near this store. My sister had her first job here, which must have been 1996. It was still open for a little bit after that. I don't believe it was still open when I went away to college in 2001, so it probably closed sometime in the late '90s.

    Thanks for the post. Interesting blog.

  8. A&P has gone broke and im sad to says this for an 151 year old company but i dont think A&P will make it though through bankruptcy.

  9. A&P announced the closure of 32 additional locations, about half in NJ alone, including 14 Pathmarks. These stores will close by April 30, 2011.

  10. It's a shame that nothing moved into this A&P...there was a similar case with the one in nearby Blairstown, which moved down the street on Rt. 94 and remained vacant for years until Tractor Supply Co. came to the old Blairstown A&P. In Andover, The Medicine Shoppe moved its location to Lenape Rd. and the old Medicine Shoppe became a Good Neighbor Pharmacy. Also, the A&P Wine & Spirits located in Franklin on Rt. 23 became ShopRite Liquors which moved from its former location right next to the Franklin ShopRite which left what I would like to call its "extra" section of the market which has a door that paces the ShopRite as normal.

  11. What is the big "rock" in front of the Andovere A&P door? It looks like it was an old iron pig or maybe a meteorite?