Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Former Acme – Yardville, New Jersey

Image courtesy of subliculous' photostream on flickr

Location: 1 Sunnybrae Boulevard, Yardville NJ

A closed pitched-roof Acme on Sunnybrae Boulevard in Yardville NJ. Not sure when the location closed but it looks like it made it well into the 90's, if not the 2000's.

Here's a look from Live Maps. The right side of the store was being converted to a CVS while the left side was broken up into some smaller shops.

Here's the CVS after the conversion.

And finally the replacement Acme that was built just down the street from the old pitched roof Acme.

UPDATE 5.27.09: I visited this Acme a few weeks ago. It's hard to miss... signs all over the highways leading you to the store. Looks to be one of Acme's most successful stores. The interior is radically different than any other Acme I have been in. Classic 90's/American Stores building but has been drastically remodeled since it first opened. The arched windows in Produce (on the left side) have been covered over. The Deli and Cheese departments are where Produce used to be. The Bakery is in the back with the Produce cases facing the service departments. The layout of the rest of the store is similar to the 90's floor plan. But the decor? Very over the top. Not Acme's usual style at all. If I had only seen the interior I would swear Acme took over the building from another supermarket. The signage on the outside is now white instead of red... a very recent... and necessary change... that Acme has made recently The red lettering read very poorly on brick facades. The white lettering, although not attractive in it's own right, pops nicely on the brick. I snapped a couple of phone pics while I was inside but have lost them.

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  1. Nice that CVS still kept the glass intact, they usually cover it up with concrete or something.