Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Former Acme – Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Image courtesy of joshaustin610s photostream on flickr

Location: 1575 The Fairway, Jenkintown PA

This is one of the best conversions of a former pitched-roof Acme that I have seen. This image comes to Acme Style courtesy of Josh's Photostream on Flickr. Josh has an extensive collection of photos of former Acmes as well as other grocery stores. He has kindly given his permission for me to share his pics here at Acme Style which I will be doing from time to time. No hope of me getting to all the locations Josh has already photographed. Click here to check out his collection on flickr!

I would love get to this store to see what Whole Foods has done to the inside. Certainly no expense was sparred for the conversion. I would guess that they put in some sort of drop ceiling but then again may have left it as is since Whole Foods embraces unique architectural elements in their stores. At the same time though, a space such as that is challenging to heat and cool and wouldn't fit well into Whole Foods "green" policies. It is nice to see that Whole Foods preserved the look of the front of the store rather than buiding some sort of awning that blocked the pitched-roof.

Here's a pic from Live Maps. Looks like Whole Foods expanded on 3 of the 4 sides of the store.

UPDATE 4.6.09: Josh has sent Acme Style a picture of the interior of the Whole Foods store... the pitched-roof is intact!

The pitched-roof store closed in 1997 and Acme relocated to this building which appears to be a former department store. Quite a unique location for a grocery store. Not sure if the Acme takes up the whole building or not. Looks like it would be worth a road trip there to check it out!

UPDATE 4.6.09: This building was originally a Bloomingdale's. It opened in 1971 and relocated to the Willow Grove Park Mall in 1982. Acme took over the space in 1997. Thanks to Josh for the additional information!

UPDATE 11.25.09: Several emails have come in saying that this site was a former Lord and Taylor.


  1. Just to let you know...The Acme does not take up the entire store. It only takes up about 3/4 of the lower level. The top level is a Burlington Coat Factory.

  2. The Chalkboard Market decor package was developed by American Stores Properties especially for the Jenkintown Acme, which opened June 27, 1997. The previous tenant, after Lord & Taylor left, was a farmer's market, so the goal was to create a similar ambiance. The two story location has underground parking, second floor preparation and storage areas, and four freight elevators.
    This was the first store that grouped all of the perishable service departments together. Today the decor package has been updated to Premium Fresh & Healthy.

  3. It was opened as a Lord & Taylors department store in 1963-1964. My father opened the store and managed it until about 1977.