Thursday, June 2, 2016

Abandoned Acme — Chalfont/New Britain, PA

Location: 505 West Butler Avenue Chalfont, PA
Opened October 3, 1997
Closed November 13, 2014

Another round of photos has been sent in of the still abandoned New Britain Acme. An auction of the fixtures was held in May, a year and a half after the stores closed! Some observations from our New Britain correspondent...

I drove past the old new Britain acme a few days ago to find the parking lot to be full of vehicles. there was an auction and selling of fixtures inside a few weeks ago. many u-haul vans parked outside but when I was there yesterday there was nobody to be found. the store is literally empty. there are two fairly large dumpsters in the back. the green one seems to have broken and destroyed fixtures and displays, but I was unable to look into the blue one, but you could tell that it was full of stuff.

For additional coverage of the New Britain Acme, please click here.


  1. It's always sad to see so many of the 90's and 00 era stores closed and abandoned. American Stores (Skaggs) and Albertsons 1.0 just couldn't seem to pick very good locations.

    1. I think American Stores did a decent job. It was Albertsons 1.0 that really blew it when it came to new store construction.

  2. Weren't some of the failures due to a perception by customers that the prices were too high compared with the competition?