Friday, December 20, 2013

ShopRite — Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

Location: 178 E Hanover Ave, "Greater Morristown", NJ

This brand newShopRite is a replacement store for the small, outdated location in Morris Plains. While the new store is located in Cedar Knolls, the owners have taken it upon themselves to refer to it as the "Greater Morristown ShopRite". Whatever you call it, this state-of-the-art supermarket is a giant leap forward for the ShopRite chain. At 78,000 square, it has plenty to offer. Perhaps a little too much. I was surprised at how cramped the store feels for being so large. The first aisle with all the service and specialty departments is difficult to maneuver through. To get a feel of the layout, you can watch the video posted above which gives a comprehensive tour. The finished product has some different signage than is seen in the animated version. I've posted pictures below of some of the highlights of the store.

The bakery and cake station are directly across from the entrance. If you walk to the right of the "Celebration Station" you wind up at customer service and the front-end which actually runs along the right side of the building. If you turn to the left here, you enter the massive first aisle with produce and all the service departments.

Looking back at the entrance, seen there on the right. You pass by the Pharmacy as you walk in.

Floral is just beyond the bakery.

Seemed to me that the Seafood and Deli counters were rather small considering the size of this store.

A stand-out department is the Oyster Bar. The design of this area is pretty spectacular. If you head to the right and pass the bar and the liquour department, you head into the grocery aisles.

The signage and decor here is first rate.

The juice bar is all the way in the back. There are some registers over to the left primarily for customers buying food to eat in the dinning area.

With such a classy perimeter, the warehouse styled grocery aisles are a little disappointing.

The aisles are split with a center aisle that's called the "Bazaar Market Specials". Not sure if that was intentional tongue and cheek or not but the store would be better off without the giant mess. Tables stacked high with random low-priced merchandise. It's bizarre alright. And crowded.

More awesome signage in the milk department.

Every single register was open. No lines to be seen. I was a little surprised this place wasn't busier than it was for a Sunday afternoon.

The Former Morris Plains ShopRite...

Location: 1711 Route 10, Morris Plains, NJ

I stopped in here a few months back when I heard the replacement store was being built. I've known of this ShopRite for decades and have driven past it hundreds of times. This visit was my absolute first time inside. Glad I saw the place before it closed! The vintage decor was not to be missed...

The place looks very 70's but I'm sure it's been remodeled more recently. Everything about this butcher shop is awesome.

Too bad the new ShopRite didn't stick with this type of shelving for the aisles.

This area of the store was clearly reconfigured at some point. I'm guessing that the Deli or Bakery may have been over here originally. You can spot all sorts of funky tiles patterns on the floor…

Paper towels are in season! Get 'em while they're hot!!

 And now the Morris Plains Stop & Shop...

Location: 245 Littleton Road, Morris Plains, NJ

The Stop & Shop, originally an Edwards, is located just across the street from the old ShopRite. I stopped in to see how busy it was compared to the ShopRite and was surprised to see how crowded it was. Also saw this decor package for the first time. Looks like it's one of S&S's cheaper remodels. This store was much better looking when it was an Edwards.

Ok, am I the only person who is driven absolutely mad by the deli announcements? They were relentless the day that I was here. "Deli order 123 is now ready for pickup". They never stopped. Not for a second. It almost seemed like it was a joke. Couldn't wait to get outta here.

Edwards floors still intact.

The Stop & Shop may see a nice boost in sales with the old ShopRite now closed. It's proximity to Route 10 should keep this place hopping'. The new ShopRite over in Cedar Knolls is about 3 miles away. This store could run into trouble if plans for a Wegman's a short way down Route 10 ever come to fruition.


  1. Nice store; the same guys operate the massive ShopRite on route 31 in Washington, so they look similar. Also, the Edwards/Stop&Shop in Phillipsburg has the same decor. If you look at the checkouts at the old SR, you can see that their early 80s slogan was still there. "We're not just a supermarket; we're ShopRite!"

  2. I agree 100% about the Stop & Shop deli announcements. It's done in most of their stores these days. Paramus & Waldwick (smaller/older former Grand Unions) are two I know of that don't use the announcements.

  3. That warehouse shelving thing seems to be a new trend. They recently remodeled the grocery aisles my local Wegmans and most of the non-food aisles (dog food, paper towels, etc) now use this same type of shelving.

    Giant stores also make deli announcements as well from what I have seen and my brief time working in two different locations.

  4. The Giant in Exton, Pa recently got new shelving during their remodel, thank god it wasn't the warehouse shelving. I find those shelves almost as irritating as the deli announcements.

  5. That Stop & Shop decor is an infrequently-used barebones version of the decor they used in the mid-2000's. The common decor looks similar to this:

  6. All of the ahold chains use the Indyme system, the deli announcements and any other automated messaged as well as telephony systems. Worked for them a loooong time and worked these systems a lot. You hear them so much, you start hearing them outside of the stores. Lol.

  7. The industrial circus decor seems to work very well there. Store looks very nice. Unusual aisle directory things, being triangular. Most with that decor seem to be two sided. I like that look. The new shop rite looks very nice, but I agree not a fan of the grocery shelving. Definitely not a fan of the stop and shop decor.

  8. Aw man! That old shoprite was bizarre to walk into. This store ironically sparked my interest for grocery store history. I have yet to go to the new store, but it looks like an afternoon!
    The old Morris Plains ShopRIte was a frequent stop of mine, and I recall it never changing any decor. A friend of mine worked there, and said the same.

  9. This website is awesome. So fun to look through. I just thought I'd pass along a tidbit I learned a few years ago. The building that is currently Gogel Tire Exchange on Rt 10 in East Hanover was originally built in the 60s as an ACME store. I don't know anything other than that. One time when I was there one of the owners mentioned it to me. Just thought I'd pass this tidbit along.

    1. Thanks, I do know about the Gogel Tire Exchange having been an Acme. I photographed it a few years ago but forgot I had it. I'll get the pictures up this week. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot I had them!

  10. As of Feb. 22 the Cedar Knolls Foodtown has closed. The sign claims they lost their lease. I however expect the new ShopRite a half mile away didn't help, and neither did the Rite Aid that closed next door. Shopped at FT building for 40 years both as a Stop&Shop and as FT under 3 different owners. Convenient, good fish, produce, highish prices. Was getting tired.

  11. Just be glad you don't know how busy the deli at the Clifton Commons S&S is. Those numbers can go well into the 200s on a busy day.

  12. The ShopRite in Lyndhurst, NJ got a lower-end version of the new decor. As for the old store, their decor reminds me of the now-closed 8th street store in Passaic, which had similar department names, but with fonts that kinda remind me of a cross between the 80's and Red White & Blue remodels from Acme.

    1. I don't think Lyndhurst's decor is a version of Cedar Knolls', because Cedar Knolls is owned by Village Super Market, and Lyndhurst is owned by Inserra Supermarkets. I don't think there'd be too much overlapping in decor among the members.