Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Former Acme – Wayne, New Jersey

Classic Acme photos courtesy of smiley1999

Location: 1055 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ

Acme Markets opened here on July 22, 1959. Closing date unknown. Clues from the satellite images indicate the Acme remained open until at least 1987.

No Acme leftovers around the original entrance. The whole building has been recovered with fiberglass stucco. The delivery door that is seen in the classic photo to the right of the entrance is covered over as well. The interior shows no signs of the Acme. It looks as though the drop ceiling has been lowered. The floor tile and carpet inside appears to be left over from a previous tenant as it doesn't match up with Party Fair's layout at all.

Scar left from the planter which can be seen in the classic photo. Zoomed in view below...

The stucco is breaking off in many places along the base of the walls.

Some Acme elements still to be seen around back!

Even the beam for hoisting the compressors to the second floor is still intact...

Historic Aerials...


In the 1970 image below, you can clearly see the shadow of the script logo in the parking lot as well as the letters along the awning. Judging from the shadow in the above image, the script logo was removed my 1987 in favor of the square fish-eye sign.

As mentioned above, the script logo is visible from space!





  1. Also in Wayne -- and not far from this location -- is a former Super Saver, one of several that operated in North Jersey. The former S/S in Wayne is on Valley Road between Preakness and Riverview, and now houses Walgreens. Two others were located in Woodland Park (McBride Avenue) and in West Caldwell (Bloomfield at Passaic); both of these have had extensive renovations.

  2. PS: The Walgreens still has the planter!

  3. Acme 7124 here...

    I was told a while back that the Walgreens on Valley Road was an Acme (before it was a Walgreens, it was a Treasure Island, which was odd because it co-existed with a newer, larger Treasure Island on nearby Route 23.) When I discovered this was the Wayne Acme, I dismissed the idea that the Walgreens was also an Acme, mostly because it was so close to this store. Did Acme really have two stores in Wayne, and so close to one another?

  4. Where the Walgreens is now stood a Foodtown as well. That closed in '92 or '93 and was converted to Treasure Island, which the building still resembles.

    I assume that where this Wayne Acme was was across from an old Centennial A&P in the Preakness mall. Or at least I think it was. It resembles one.

    1. The old Centennial A&P in the Preakness Mall is up the street a bit. The former Acme sits directly across from the Kmart at the Wayne Hills Mall.

  5. Geno Washington – your comments on Wayne PA were moved to the December Discussions.

    1. No offense but I went to that page (and yes I was sure it was the December discussions, not November discussions) and didn't see my post. Could this have to do with the fact that I'm using a refurbished used computer that at times seems like a lemon?

    2. This Blogger program is the lemon! I have a brand-new computer and have endless issues with my posts and with commenting. Your Wayne PA comments are now posted under the December Discussions. I've doubled checked which I should have done the first time.

  6. The hoisting rod for the compressors with the bricked in part on the wall looks just like the back of the former Acme on Route 37 in Toms River!