Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sea Isle City Acme — Open For Business!

Photos courtesy of Michael Lisicky

So here are the pictures of the Sea Isle City store that Michael had sent in a while back. While prepping the Beach Haven pictures he just sent in, I discovered that I had lost these pictures. He resent them today! This store reopened on March 22, the same day a Sea Isle City. And like Sea Isle City, Beach Haven looks pretty much the same as it did before the storm. Michael reports that $3 million dollars was spent repairing this store. None of that money used for new decor. The department names are now painted blue but that appears to have been done prior to the storm. You can jump over to pictures of the store being cleared out by clicking here. The letters were all brown for our first visit back in 2010.

If you scroll back up to the shot of the front of the store, you'll see that they added the red apples in the window above the entrance.

The very original Meat and Deli signs are STILL in place!  Produce and Frozen Food signage is from the Checkerboard Arch Decor era.

Unusual aisle markers. They look a bit homemade and are still too large for this low ceiling store.

For a look at the Sea Isle City Acme in it's early days... 
along with an article, please click here.


  1. It looks like Sea Isle City got some new lighting which was much needed in that store. I'll have to check it out when I visit in a few weeks.

  2. I would ask the meat manager where the Lancaster Brand Meats are.

  3. Sea isle city acme is going to be demolished and expanded at the end of this summer.